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It's always the little things that get on your nerves! - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Where do you stand on the apparent need for visitors to remove their shoes on entering someone’s house? Personally, I think it more than a little weird, but a woman of my acquaintance thinks it perfectly okay to do this sort of thing – even though I have banned this nonsense from our place.

Suffice it to say that if asked to do it at someone else’s gaffThe time, I always kick-off my shoes with a great deal of bad grace and mostly feel underdressed and slightly stupid padding about in my socks; it’s so – er, undignified isn’t it? In truth I never remember this practice much before and I wonder if it’s mostly a UK thing that has developed over the years along with vegan takeaways and gender politics.

Anyway, can you imagine Her Majesty the Queen insisting that the American Ambassador removes his shoes before he enters her chambers for a royal audience – I think not! Then we have the whole business of slippers and the fact that they are all reliably awful. I’m sorry they just are. Did a woman ever look sexy and desirable in a pair of fluffy slippersThe virus, either through vaccination or past infection, they estimate.? No, not ever, I’m afraidremain at a maximum of 25 people..

Similarly, blokes and slippers are a poor mix I reckon. Do you think that James Bond wears slippers as he seduces yet another femme-fatale in an expensively carpeted, designer hotel suite in Hong Kong? Moreover, in my experience slippers with soft inlays always end up shedding fluffy stuff all over the place and getting a chap into trouble whist wearing something he mostly doesn’t like wearing.

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