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Introduction to clothing marking, packaging, transportation and storage

fz/t clothing marking, packaging, transportation and storage was approved and issued by the national development and Reform Commission a few days ago and will be implemented on October 1, 2008. The standard specifies the general technical requirements for clothing marking, packaging, transportation and storage. At the same time, the standard is also applicable to all kinds of clothes produced in batches. 1. The speed regulation system adopts servo electromechanical and reducer installation. However, it does not apply to the mass-produced clothing that the parties to the contract have otherwise agreed on the technical requirements for packaging, transportation and storage. This standard replaces fz/t clothing marking, packaging, transportation and storage

compared with fz/t, the main changes of this standard are as follows: 1. The contents of normative references are supplemented; 2. Revised the provisions of product instructions; 3. Revised the regulations on packaging marks; 4. The specification of geotextile testing machine has modified the inner packaging regulations

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