The import and export of China's manufacturing ind

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The import and export of China's manufacturing industry continued to grow

the latest manufacturing purchasing managers' index and non manufacturing business activity index released by the National Bureau of statistics in April showed that both indexes were in a stable expansion range, indicating that the production and business activities of Chinese enterprises generally maintained a steady and rapid growth

according to the data, the PMI of domestic manufacturing industry in April was 51.4%, slightly lower than 0.1 percentage points in March, but still higher than the first quarter average and 0.4 and 0.2 percentage points in the same period of last year, indicating that the manufacturing industry continues to maintain a steady growth trend. On the whole, last month, large manufacturing enterprises were equipped with some products to illustrate that the book industry operated stably and the prosperity of small and medium-sized enterprises increased. PMI of large, medium and small enterprises remained in the boom range for two consecutive months based on samples of different diameters

the actual operation and data processing method of the experiment comply with the provisions of the national standard gb/t 228 (2) 010 "indoor temperature tensile test methods for metal composites". When analyzing the main characteristics of China's manufacturing PMI, Zhao Qinghe, Senior Statistician of the service industry investigation center of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that the domestic manufacturing production expanded steadily last month and the demand was generally stable. Among them, the production index and new order index are 0.7 and 0.6 percentage points higher than the first quarter average respectively, and the difference between the two continues to be at the recent low, indicating that the market supply and demand is more balanced. Secondly, the high-tech manufacturing industry continues to lead, and the high-quality development is advancing steadily. Among them, the PMI of the piston and piston sleeve in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry should be removed and ground, the special equipment manufacturing industry, the computer communication electronic equipment and instrument manufacturing industry are higher than that in March and the manufacturing industry as a whole, and continue to be at a high level of development. In addition, the import and export of China's manufacturing industry continued to grow, and the growth rate slowed down. The new export order index and import index were in the expansion range for two consecutive months. It is worth mentioning that the price index of China's manufacturing industry fell and rose last month - the purchase price index of major raw materials fell 0.4 percentage points from March, and the increase in the purchase price of major raw materials in the manufacturing industry narrowed; The ex factory price index turned from decline to rise and returned to the expansion range. This decline and rise is conducive to the improvement of enterprise efficiency

in addition, the newly released non manufacturing business activity index in April was 54.8%, which continued to rise month on month and year-on-year, indicating that the non manufacturing industry as a whole continued to maintain growth and the pace of expansion accelerated. Last month, driven by the continuous and steady growth of production in most industries, the business activities of China's logistics enterprises were active, and the business activity index reached a high point in the year, which was 8.5 percentage points higher than that in the same period of last year. From the perspective of industry categories, the business activity indexes of air transportation, postal express, accommodation, telecommunications, Internet software and other industries are also in the high boom range of more than 60.0%, maintaining a rapid expansion momentum. The construction industry has also maintained a high boom range, continued its rapid growth momentum, strengthened its expansion momentum, and the market continues to improve. The business activity index of catering and real estate industries continued to be below the critical point, and the total business volume fell

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