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Zibo agricultural machinery purchase subsidy fund implementation ratio reached 96.52% in 2017. The publisher of the product%

since this year, Zibo Agricultural Machinery Bureau has taken a number of measures to do a solid job in agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and promote the full implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policies. As of September 30, the city's 2017 agricultural machinery purchase subsidy fund of 35.27103 million yuan has been implemented by 34.04383 million yuan, with the implementation proportion reaching 96.52%, basically completing the annual target tasks

first, investigate thoroughly, strive for and allocate subsidy funds reasonably and scientifically. On the basis that each district and county declared the amount of subsidy funds according to the actual needs of their agricultural production as required, the Municipal Bureau checked and compared the figures reported by the district and county by visiting large agricultural machinery households, investigating dealers of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, etc., and at the same time, according to the adjustment of agricultural structure, major agricultural engineering projects The actual situation of national and provincial agricultural mechanization transformation and upgrading projects, as well as the number of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds in the city in recent years and the actual purchasing power of farmers, combined with the market changes brought about by policy changes, reasonably determine and scientifically allocate subsidy funds

second, start in time, hold meetings and deploy the work of the whole year. After the provincial agricultural machinery purchase subsidy work meeting, Zibo Agricultural Machinery Bureau and Finance Bureau jointly held a meeting in Boshan to convey the spirit of the provincial agricultural machinery purchase subsidy work meeting, arrange and deploy the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy work in the city, publicize and interpret this year's agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, and train the operation of the auxiliary management system of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy. In order to ensure the honest and efficient implementation of the subsidy work, a special meeting on the anti-corruption warning education of the city's agricultural machinery purchase subsidy was held, and the leaders and actual operators of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy work in the city and all districts and counties were given the anti-corruption warning education in the way of "case interpretation", and the Zibo agricultural machinery purchase subsidy implementation letter was signed with the districts and counties

third, it is widely publicized to ensure that the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery is well known. Through the city's mainstream media publicity, Internet publicity, (2) friction coefficient printing publicity materials publicity and maintenance, if the gate freezes, the impact of injection pressure and pressure holding pressure will disappear. With the increase of mold temperature, the cooling and finalization time will also be extended, so the shrinkage rate of products after demoulding will generally increase. Improve the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy information public column and other ways. The Municipal Agricultural Machinery Bureau's subsidy policies for this year will be changed, such as water stop and cavity structure The subsidy operation process, policy interpretation, schedule of subsidy amount, scope of subsidy machines and tools, subsidy focus, subsidy work requirements, subsidy work consultation, etc. have been widely publicized, which has expanded the publicity of the policy, made the buyers understand the policy more clearly and intuitively, guaranteed the right to know of the buyers, and facilitated the buyers to apply in time

fourth, innovate ideas and do a good job in service guarantee. The Municipal Bureau of agricultural machinery strengthened the power of policy interpretation and strengthened the work of policy interpretation, so that the subsidy personnel can better grasp and make good use of policies. In response to the focus issues concerned by the districts and counties, the Municipal Bureau specially held training courses to train the subsidy staff, pay attention to the training effect, and improve the business level of the subsidy staff. Allocate subsidy accounts in a timely manner and inform the system of new changes to ensure that districts and counties enter subsidy information in a timely and accurate manner. Strengthen the service awareness, innovate the service concept, use the subsidy group and other ways to "solve doubts from zero distance", and constantly do a good job in the service work, ensuring the smooth development of the subsidy work

fifth, strictly supervise and ensure the efficient implementation of subsidy policies. The Municipal Bureau set up a leading group for supervision and inspection headed by the main leaders of the Bureau, and formulated the "work plan for supervision and inspection of the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in Zibo in 2017", to carry out supervision and inspection on all districts and counties as required. At the same time, special personnel are arranged to communicate, guide and supervise the districts and counties. On the one hand, they answer questions and solve problems encountered by the districts and counties in the process of subsidy work, and on the other hand, they urge the districts and counties to speed up the implementation of policies. Give full play to the supervision and incentive role of the notification, and notify the implementation of the subsidy funds for the purchase of agricultural machinery in districts and counties from the end of July, once every half a month, effectively improving the implementation progress of the subsidy funds in districts and counties

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