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The implementation of standards for unmanned convenience stores promotes the sustainable development of safe and intelligent technology

from unmanned convenience stores and vending machines to self-service gyms and mini KTVs, an endless stream of "unmanned economy" is coming, becoming another investment hotspot after the sharing economy. And how to realize the era of no man, without the full support of security technology

2017 can be described as a year of rapid development of unmanned economy. It is not only retail stores, but also services under the unmanned mode have covered all aspects of life, which can be mainly divided into four categories: first, retail mainly includes convenience shelves/containers, self-service vending machines, unmanned convenience stores, etc; 2、 Entertainment mainly includes Mini KTV, doll machine, photo printer, etc; 3、 The living class mainly includes self-service car washing, intelligent express cabinets, etc; 4、 The health category mainly includes self-service gym, unmanned massage chair, etc

among them, the unmanned economy represented by unmanned stores is booming in 2017. According to the "2017 special research report on unmanned retail stores in China" of AI media consulting, the transaction volume of unmanned retail stores in 2017 is expected to reach 38.94 billion yuan. In the next five years, unmanned retail stores will usher in a development dividend period. The growth rate is expected to reach 281.3% in 2020, and the market transaction volume will exceed 1.8 trillion yuan by 2022

it is understood that at present, the Internet e-commerce retail giants represented by Alibaba and Suning, the traditional retail industry dominated by Wahaha, Rosen, Auchan, and incredibly home, as well as emerging start-ups such as Bingguo box, wheat convenience store, and scarlet convenience have joined the layout of unmanned stores

why is unmanned economy so popular? On the one hand, the unmanned mode is the direct factor to reduce labor costs, and it can no longer be affected by labor and realize 24-hour operation. On the other hand, the innovative technology adopted by unmanned stores has also become a highlight of unmanned stores. In addition, with the increase of online e-commerce drainage costs, the layout of offline sales is still an important part, and new development models are being explored

recently, in order to further standardize the market order of the unmanned store industry and ensure the healthy development of the industry market, under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce of China, the China Department Store Association recently issued the "guidelines for the business operation of unmanned stores in China (consultation draft)", which clearly put forward specific requirements for the point setting, operation, warehousing, logistics and other links of the unmanned store industry. It is mainly reflected in the security and intelligent service guarantee of the operation of the unmanned store. Different attachments can be selected according to gb/iso/astm/jis/din and other standards to meet the requirements of stretching, tightening, twisting, peeling, shearing, tearing, puncturing and bursting

so what innovative technologies do we rely on to achieve unattended? In short, the first is mobile payment. Once upon a time, Chinese customers preferred cash to credit cards, but now mobile payment is far more popular than credit cards. QR codes have replaced card swiping machines, and there are no obstacles in the payment process

next is IOT technology. Through the wireless/wired connection, the unattended devices are connected to the Internet through the network, and then the devices are managed and controlled through the control platform. The complex manipulation and interaction that was difficult to achieve in the previous stand-alone version can now be achieved based on the connection method

the third is to combine with intelligence. Unattended is not only on the scene, but also the back-end operation and control can be achieved through intelligent transformation. For example, the air conditioner in the fitness room does not have to be turned on all the time, and it will be turned on automatically after someone enters; If you can't catch the doll grabbing machine, it doesn't simply depend on your hands-on operation ability

these are also general technologies, such as identity recognition, RFID tags, mobile payment, 360 ° dead end monitoring, and big data collection and analysis of consumer behavior, which make the retail end more intelligent and considerate. In the specific scenario application, there are more "technologies with stronger environmental protection and more sense of technology for this kind of materials. In the future, with the progress of science and technology, these unattended devices will continue to be upgraded. Combined with big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, they will provide more. This will also provide inexhaustible development momentum for the extruder industry, personalized intelligent services, so that you can enjoy" artificial "services in an unattended state

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