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Jilin petrochemical ethylene propylene rubber project implementation plan passed the acceptance

the implementation plan of the major industrialization test project of "ethylene propylene rubber industrialization technology development and new product industrialization test" proposed by Jilin Petrochemical Company has successfully passed the acceptance of the science and Technology Management Department of the group company

"ethylene propylene rubber industrialization technology development and industrialization test of new products" is the key scientific and technological research project of the group company. As the data of plastic tensile testing machine is very useful, the relatively new software with fast collection can more obtain the load peak value, which is the only ethylene propylene rubber production base in China. On the basis of introduction, absorption and re innovation, Jilin Petrochemical continues to tackle key problems in product differentiation technology to meet the needs of different domestic customer groups

experts believe that during the test run, the temperature and liquid level of the polymerization kettle of unit 200 are controlled stably, the mass and heat transfer can meet the requirements of the polymerization process, and some process parameters are controlled stably; 300 assaying experts will listen to your test. The washing and layering effect of the target unit is better. The control of products combined with ethylene and propylene is stable, and some product indexes are equivalent to j-0043, realizing the connection of the process flow of the pilot plant

the project leader of Jilin Petrochemical Research Institute said, "the process flow of the pilot plant is all connected, and the pilot industrialization and scale-up study of long-chain branched and bimodal ethylene propylene rubber new products has been completed, which provides valuable experience for the next step of developing a 25000 ton annual ethylene propylene rubber complete technical process package with independent intellectual property rights."

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