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Small spacing led leads the trend of display screen. Many enterprises have high hopes

in recent years, with the construction of smart city and safe city projects, there is an increasing demand for high-end customized display projects in traffic, security and military command centers. Small spacing LED display screen gradually occupies the mainstream position with its advantages of high color gamut, high brightness and seamless splicing

with the comprehensive intelligent transformation of traditional security, visualization has increasingly become the focus of the industry. Large screen splicing screen has become the mainstream display terminal, especially in the large-scale security projects such as safe city and smart city, splicing wall products are even more essential. Compared with other display products, the significant advantage of small spacing LED display screen is seamless splicing, flexible and diverse installation methods, thin screen body, high brightness, low energy consumption, high bulb replacement cost and low operation and maintenance cost in the later stage. Therefore, it quickly occupied the market of indoor large screen application field represented by traffic command and control room. Today, the expansion of the security market will also bring broad development space for the small spacing LED display industry

according to the data of LED Research Institute of high industry and technology, the overall scale of China's LED display industry in 2017 reached 49.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.2%, of which the scale growth rate of small spacing LED display reached 67%, which was 5.9 billion yuan, becoming an important driving force for the growth of LED display

in the future, the small spacing LED display will continue to transform to a higher density and move towards intelligence and standardization. In this process, the market will be further opened. According to GGII, China's small spacing LED display market will reach 17.7 billion yuan by 2020, and the compound growth rate from 2018 to 2020 will remain at about 44%. Therefore, the small spacing LED has been placed high hopes by enterprises and laid out one after another

Keda - "Jingyan" series has been applied in many provinces and cities.

as a leading brand in video communication and security, Keda has been widely recognized in the industry with its excellent display and control products. Under the banner of "actively promoting the certification of Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and other mainstream automobile OEMs, Jingyan" series splicing screens have delicate and real display effects, are easy to maintain, and single point of failure can still be used normally. According to the requirements of high-quality development, they have been applied in 15 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Chongqing

LianJian optoelectronics - va1.2 high-definition seamless large screen

LianJian optoelectronics has launched a small spacing va1.2 high-definition seamless large screen for the large screen environment of the public security command center, which has the advantages of high adaptability and clear display. In addition, it can also provide modern means for various decisions such as command rehearsal, reporting and observation, simulated training and teaching

Lehman optoelectronics - the third generation cob small spacing display screen

Lehman optoelectronics has been deeply engaged in cob small spacing LED display products. The third generation cob small spacing display screen has the advantages of high reliability, high protection, high definition, high color gamut and so on. It is the development direction of LED display with pixel spacing below 2mm, It not only improved Lehman's pioneering leadership in the field of LED packaging and display, but also promoted the upgrading of product technology in the LED industry

Yuanheng optoelectronics - H2 series t1.27 small spacing screen

Yuanheng optoelectronics is an early domestic led enterprise that produces small spacing, and its product quality is commendable. For example, the H2 series t1.27 small spacing screen introduced adopts ultra-high precision die-casting aluminum box, which can be fine tuned from the front, back, left and right directions to achieve the effect of seamless splicing and no bright lines. The clear picture tensile testing machine is applicable to the stretching, peeling, deformation, tearing, and The performance tests of heat sealing, bonding, puncture force, opening force and low-speed unwinding force are smooth, with high fidelity and no color deviation. They are applied in the emergency command center of Daya Bay nuclear power station base, Lanzhou airport, Hangzhou Gongshu District Command hall and other scenarios

conclusion: with the centralized improvement of the LED industry and the release of production capacity, the small spacing LED display has become an important driver for the development of the LED industry. However, the current small spacing LED display market is changing from "incremental rule" to "stock rule". Insiders expect that the market segmentation will continue to intensify. Small distance led enterprises need to keep up with the technology trend and meet the changes and challenges brought by new technologies with appropriate strategies based on their own market positioning and goals

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