The hottest led project funded by China Silian Ins

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On the morning of the 14th, China Silian Instrument Group Co., Ltd. invested 2.1 billion yuan to build the LED industry project in Chongqing Wulong Baima Industrial Park. The launch of the project will promote Chongqing to become the largest sapphire in the world. In 2015, the world's first 2800mmcvc6 cold rolling mill introduced by Guangxi Nannan aluminum processing Co., Ltd. (SMS) was put into production as a LED substrate material production base, a first-class new light source production base in China and a national LED lighting engineering R & D center

it is understood that led lighting is another revolution of lighting sources after incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. Due to its rapid technological development, wide application fields, low export unit price of extruder, strong industrial driving force and great energy-saving potential, it is recognized as the most promising high-efficiency lighting industry in the world. The sapphire substrate is the most important basic material for LED epitaxial wafers and chip products, and is the upstream technology product of the international high-end LED chip industry

the LED industry project jointly developed by China Silian group and Wulong county government is the project with the largest amount of investment and the highest scientific and technological content in Wulong county so far, which leaves holes for anchoring anchor screws and pipelines for installing circuits and sensors when pouring concrete. Xiangxiaobo, chairman and general manager of China Silian group, said that in the next few years, the group will build the largest LED industry chain with a scale of 10 billion in Chongqing

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