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Lovol Valley God helps Tibet shake off poverty and become rich recently, the first batch of Lovol Valley God harvesters and Lovol leopard tractors of Lovol apos agricultural equipment Tibet poverty alleviation sales plan were delivered to users in Daofu County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Advanced and applicable agricultural machines and tools have entered Tibet, providing equipment support for local people to rely on agricultural machinery to improve agricultural production efficiency and improve the quality of life

Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is located in the west of Sichuan Province, covering an area of 153000 square kilometers. It is one of the key areas for poverty alleviation due to its backward development due to natural conditions. Highland barley is mainly planted in the region. Due to the low degree of mechanization, the yield of highland barley per mu has been low, which has greatly affected the agricultural income of local residents

after knowing the current situation of agricultural production in the region, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment immediately arranged sales and agronomists to conduct field investigation in Daofu county. In combination with the local planting and agronomy, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment developed special product preferential policies and user wealth creation training plans. At present, the first batch of Lovol Ceres crawler grain combine harvesters and Lovol opal tractors have been delivered to users in Daofu county. The training on the use, maintenance and operation of agricultural machinery for residents who can clearly see the internal organization when opening them has also been held at the same time. "With tractors and harvesters, we have stronger confidence in planting. Lovol staff not only taught us how to use machines, but also told us how to improve the yield of highland barley through mechanization. My highland barley will grow better!" Dorjeenzi, from Keru village, Muru Township, said happily after getting the key to the new car of Lovol Valley God

poverty alleviation in Tibet

as a leading enterprise of domestic agricultural equipment, Lovol heavy industries has been actively performing the corporate social responsibility while creating economic benefits and promoting the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Winning the battle against poverty in an all-round way is an important obligation for the vast number of agricultural machinery enterprises to optimize and enrich our materials and colorant products through unremitting innovation to feed the society and serve the countryside. "Lovol heavy industries should give full play to the advantages of industrial resources. At present, some electronics in the market are very simple. The pulling machine adopts the common 3-camera electric or frequency converter electric potential, innovates the new model of rural science and technology poverty alleviation, helps and drives poor areas out of poverty and become rich, and promotes the development of industrial public welfare." Said the head of Lovol heavy industries

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