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LED printer: the printing principle of LED printer and laser printer in the future is basically the same. Basically, these two printers are electronic photographic printing methods. Specifically, they are divided into four main stages. There are four stages around the photosensitive drum, one is charging, the other is exposure, and the other is development and printing. Only the exposure part is divided into the so-called led and laser. Other parts are exactly the same

at present, there are mainly three types of printer products in China's printer market: needle printer, page printer and inkjet printer, among which page printer includes LED printer and laser printer. The printing principle of LED printer is basically the same as that of laser printer. Basically, the two printers are both electrophotographic printing methods. Specifically, they are divided into four main stages. There are several parts around the photosensitive drum, one is charged, the other is exposed, and the other is developing and printing. Only the exposure part is divided into the so-called led and laser. Other parts are exactly the same

Oki has exclusively developed and adopted LED technology in the Chinese printer market, and its decades of research and development spirit for LED printers is respected by people in the industry

oki c5600n color page printer

led technology and laser printing technology

led printer uses a group of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for scanning photosensitive imaging. Led photosensitive imaging uses a dense LED array as a light transmitter to convert the electrical signals of data information into optical signals and then transmit them to the photosensitive drum for imaging. The laser printing imaging technology is to transmit all the data signals to a transmitting device, and the emitted light is reflected by the rotating prism and then imaged on the photosensitive drum. In this way, the imaging process of LED technology is obviously simpler than that of laser imaging. Because of this, generally, the speed of LED printing technology is slightly better than that of long scratch printing of laser hard objects

technical advantages of LED printer

let's take Oki's LED printer as an example to analyze its technical characteristics:

firstly, Oki's LED printer adopts multi gray level VDC technology, which changes the previous limit that each light source of LED head has only 2 gray levels, and realizes 32 gray level printing, making the printing transition level more natural and printing more delicate

secondly, micro fine high-definition toner is adopted. This real system is actually a combination of several "spiders". The unique wax toner can greatly enhance the printing quality. Even on ordinary paper, it can also present high-definition and soft gloss processing, which can achieve highly clear text and rich color performance. Even if the same image is printed repeatedly, it can achieve a consistent output effect

thirdly, Oki's LED printer adopts a straight paper path of one-time imaging, which can effectively reduce the paper jam rate, adapt to the passage of thicker paper, and print 268gsm thick paper. Oki's full range of products can print 1.2m long paper

fourth, Oki LED printer adopts many convenient printer utilities, such as print control program, which can help administrators control network printing; Doc smart program can provide a variety of solutions. The following is an introduction to the templates commonly encountered in the company; The print super vision program can obtain the in network printing status report at any time; The web print program shrinks the web interface into one interface for printing, etc

in addition, the distance between the LED light emitting head and the photosensitive drum is very small, so the printer volume can be very small. All led heads are made of semiconductor components, so the stability and reliability are very good, and the service life is relatively long. In terms of design, the LED head has a very high degree of freedom. For example, to develop an LED type A4 format printer into an A3 format printer, it is only necessary to extend the LED head. Therefore, from the design point of view, due to the small LED head and very high scalability, the concept of energy saving has been reflected from the design stage

the development path of page printers in the future

casting technology is a cost-effective method for processing complex shaped parts

at present, China's printer market is still dominated by laser printers, but in the near future, led printers may catch up with and surpass laser printers. First of all, in terms of print quality, the LED mode and the laser mode have the same print quality so far, but there has been a tendency for the led to surpass the laser; Secondly, the printing speed is about the same at 8ppm. Now it has reached 30ppm, and the LED has shown its advantages. When it reaches 60ppm or even 120ppm, it is difficult for the laser printer to catch up; The third is the resolution. When the real resolution is 300dpi or 600dpi, the LED is similar to the laser printer. When the real resolution is 1200dpi, the LED is a little more advanced than the laser

of course, if these technologies are brought to the market from the laboratory, they need to be commercialized. The first thing to commercialize is to overcome the price cost. At present, Oki has invented EFB technology, which has greatly reduced the cost of LED printers. (end)

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