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People who have experienced home decoration will tell you quite experienced how to do, what to be vigilant about, and what lessons to learn, but people who first home decoration may not deeply understand it, and they are still confused: how should I start? As the saying goes, don't fight unprepared battles. The editor specially prepared 16 points that should be paid attention to for your home decoration as a reference

I. home decoration companies, friends, guerrillas, and freelance designers, to whom

who to choose for home decoration is probably the most troublesome problem. According to your own situation, the following five ways can be considered:

1. Choose a regular home decoration company with business license and qualification level

it is relatively safe to find a regular decoration company, and you can basically be satisfied, but you should pay attention to the different design, construction and service levels of companies with different strengths

2. Directly find the construction team to decorate according to your own ideas

whether it is introduced by a friend or found near your home, the team that only carries out construction may have obstacles to your needs and design understanding. If you are not an expert in controlling the quality of the project, you will be disappointed repeatedly. In addition, if they need maintenance afterwards, they may not be able to be found

3. It's not certain what kind of construction team to choose, but first of all, we need to find a good designer. Free designers don't set up stalls in the home decoration market. They form their own business circle by word-of-mouth and recommendation. We need to find them to design patiently and consistently. We need to be willing to pay for the design

4. Choose some products and hand over the overall home design to the design team of the brand.

it is a relatively new way to cut into the overall home decoration from furniture or building materials brands. They rely on their own products and have the ability of design and construction. If they accept their products, they can save the trouble of running around

second, what is the first thing you need to do to start home decoration

how to start home decoration varies from person to person

1. Communicate with designers: when you know your needs like the back of your hand, you can go straight to the theme and have a talk with various home decoration companies

2. Inspect the construction site: home decoration companies have organized consumers to inspect the construction site; It is convenient for consumers to experience the construction level and construction management status on site

3. Sweeping the building materials City: investigating the types and prices of building materials in advance will help your home decoration budget, and after understanding the market, you can have a clear idea of the communication with the home decoration company

4. Visit furniture stores: there is a saying that you should first determine the furniture style, and then determine the direction of home decoration. Before or at the same time, you'd better take a look at the furniture store to take the initiative to grasp the overall effect of home decoration in the future

third, who is in charge of home decoration

it doesn't seem to be a problem. Every home will be decorated by relatively capable or leisure family members. However, some families turn this into a problem because the decorators ignore and misunderstand their own and their families' needs, or do not fully understand them in advance, resulting in disputes in the process of home decoration and even unhappiness after relocation

1. Fully communicate with your family and summarize everyone's needs for life details

2. Try to tell the designer as comprehensively as possible, and even the whole family can often communicate with the designer to let him master more information

3. Home decoration design should be spiritual, exuding the temperament and taste of the owner. If you don't understand the needs of yourself and your family, you start work blindly, and the result is only a residence, not your own home





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