Creative bookshelf design brightens life

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In the home space, bookcase is essential. If the design form is regular, the bookcase will carry its most basic function of storing books. If it is a creative design form, the bookcase is not only a bookcase at home, but also an ornament. Today, Xiaobian has collected a lot of creative bookcase design forms. Let's have a look

this bookcase is designed in all black forms, which is simple and full of geometric lines. Each grid can hold about ten books, and the overall capacity is not very large. The rhombic grid superimposed vertically forms a bookshelf, which is suitable for spare corners and the edge of the wall

the design of this honeycomb bookcase is very personalized. It is designed in the form of a hanging cabinet with dark and light colors on the wall, which is very artistic. Put together with multiple hexagon, it becomes a beautiful and practical wall decoration and storage, which can be used to put books or decorations

this bookcase is very fashionable because of the colorful books. In fact, the overall design of the bookcase is simple black design. In the rectangular frame, shelves of different lengths are spliced into grids of different sizes, so that they can adapt to books of different heights

this kind of bookcase design you may see for the first time. The whole bookcase has been embedded. The bookshelves embedded in the wall, with rounded and beautiful arcs, splice personality patterns, and divide different storage spaces, which become the place for books and vases

the bookcase designed from the wall upwelling hanging cabinet is fashionable and novel. Although there are not many books, the overall appearance value is still very high. Using creative bookshelves for wall decoration is definitely a choice to kill two birds with one stone, and the geometric patterns outlined by lines have become the biggest highlight on the wall




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