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After staying for a period of time, many families will sigh that decoration is a regrettable art. When decorating, they do not take into account the changes in the later stage of the family, or they only consider the good-looking appearance and ignore the later care and maintenance problems, resulting in some inconvenience or deficiencies in life. In order to make home decoration less regrettable, it is particularly important to do a good job in the early stage of home decoration

◆ consider the new population carefully

the maintenance cycle of a single decoration of an ordinary family is usually 5 to 8 years. In such a long period of time, we must take into account the possible changes in the permanent population, especially for young couples who currently have no children, we must leave some space for children and the elderly in advance. Take the current mainstream two bedroom apartment as an example. If the owner does not consider having children in recent years, and the parents will not come to live together, the two bedrooms can be arranged as the master bedroom and the study (Studio). If relatives and friends occasionally stay at home, it is recommended to place a folding sofa bed in the study, which is usually an ordinary sofa and can also be used as a bed when people come. If you are considering having children in recent years, parents will also come to help families with children. It is recommended to put a bunk bed in the guest bedroom. The elderly can sleep in the lower bunk when taking care of children. After the children grow up, they can also stay if there are guests visiting. Generally, the area of the two bedroom room is not too large, and placing a bunk bed is more conducive to saving space

◆ accurately locate electrical sockets

many families determine the location of sockets without considering the cooperation between sockets and later soft decoration. One is to determine the location of the power socket by simple visual inspection. When you buy large household appliances such as computers, air conditioners, televisions, etc., you will find that the location of the table legs or wardrobe just blocks the location of the power socket. The other is that the furniture bought back does not match the location of the power supply. Although the power supply location is higher than the furniture, it is convenient to use, but it looks unsightly. While the power supply location is hidden behind the furniture, not to mention the inconvenient plugging and unplugging. The plugs of many electrical appliances are very long, so that the furniture has to be a distance from the wall, which not only occupies space, but also easy to accumulate dust. Before the circuit transformation, there should be a more accurate plane layout plan. The location and size of furniture and electrical appliances should be considered in advance, and then the location of sockets should be determined. It is best to be within 40cm away from the wall, and about 30cm is the most beautiful. In the selection of furniture, you can choose furniture without back board, or open a hole in the back board of furniture and hide the socket on the wall behind it, which is good-looking and easy to use

◆ carefully check the flue valve port

for buildings, especially high-rise buildings, check valves must be installed in the flue of the kitchen and the exhaust duct of the toilet. If they are not set in advance, there may be the problem of oil smoke backflow and smoke odor. When installing the range hood, check the check valve left by the developer. If the diameter of the flue and check valve does not meet the requirements of the installed range hood, it is best to replace it. A check valve should also be installed at the place where the smoke machine is connected to the smoke pipe, and check whether the flap is flexible. When the ceiling is suspended, be sure to leave a small inspection port under the flue check valve to facilitate the cleaning of the check valve. Never turn the elbow of the flue check valve downward. Although the pipe port downward will not connect to the debris upstairs, it will absorb the taste downstairs





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