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Covering the four major international fashions of simplicity, nature, classics and modernity, casara International Fashion Museum has sprung up all over the country, becoming a beautiful scenery in cities all over the country

speaking of Tangshan, what do you think? Pink Taohua mountain in Zunhua, green Jiufeng Mountain, blue leting Bodhi Island, yellow Fenghuangshan Park...

Blue leting Bodhi Island

for Tangshan, known as the "capital of porcelain in the north", ou xiaonuo thought of China's first mechanized coal mine, the first standard gauge railway, the first steam locomotive, and the first barrel of machine-made cement

of course

there is also the most beautiful osheno exhibition hall

"casara International Fashion Museum"

address: Hualian (Jianshe Road store), No. 179, Jianshe North Road, Lubei District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province

"looking at the world, right in front of you" Casaro has sprung up all over the country since its global release in 2017, covering the four major international fashions of simplicity, nature, classics and modernity, It has become a beautiful scenery in cities all over the country. Located at No. 179, Jianshe North Road, Lubei District, Tangshan City, casara International Fashion Museum has become one of the places that Tangshan people often visit

on the side of the exhibition hall, 1200 are displayed in fashion cabinets × The 2400mm large board is magnificent, and a zebra made of tiles of different colors on the large layout has become a bright pen for the whole cabinet

different functional areas are distinguished in the exhibition hall. The office area close to the door, using the characteristics of Carmo's large plate design, paves the ground and walls in a large area, forming an integrated effect visually, which not only expands the area of the whole area visually, but also makes the space have a magnificent style

the bathroom made of Kako's classic stone tiles attracts people to stay for a long time, both in terms of creative application of tiles and color matching. The simple geometric mosaic, the noble and profound wave gray background wall and the wash table are integrated, and the fashionable and elegant French wood grain background wall is integrated with the white bathtub, one white and one gray reflect each other, so that this bathroom space exudes a noble and elegant atmosphere

each space has a different style of decoration style, modern simplicity, industrial style, light luxury style... Strive to make people not feel boring when shopping. In terms of design, some highly artistic decorations are cleverly added, such as abstract figure paintings and chandeliers with a strong sense of lines, which make people feel like visiting a space full of works of art

the design of the material selection area should not only display the products well, but also make the material selection process not boring. In the casara International Fashion Museum in Tangshan, the designer skillfully added various parquet tiles on the floor and designed a tile display board like a screen, so that the whole material selection area is no longer monotonous and has great design aesthetics

in addition to the traditional material selection area, the exhibition hall also has a unique intelligent material selection area of osheno. No matter how large the exhibition hall space is, it is impossible to show all the sample rooms of all cases. Sitting on the sofa in the Oushennuo intelligent material selection area, you can browse the space cases of real estate across the country, and you can also find 1:1 panoramic cases to compare, so as to easily choose the style suitable for your home space

Tangshan incredibly home casara International Fashion Museum is high-end, international, fashionable and atmospheric. It not only has an attractive appearance, but also has the connotation that people are reluctant to leave for a long time

the most beautiful osheno exhibition hall, of course, also has the most powerful osheno team. Shenzhiyong, a dealer of Tangshan Oushennuo, has worked with Oushennuo for 17 years. Adhering to the concept of "being a low-key man and doing things in a down-to-earth manner", he has led the team to operate more than 10 stores in Tangshan, of which the most magnificent high-end store, casara International Fashion Museum, is known as the most beautiful international exhibition hall in the local building materials industry

Tangshan Oushennuo dealer Shen Zhiyong

Tangshan Oushennuo team (part)





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