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Decoration is laborious. Even if you hire a professional decoration company, sometimes it's not peaceful& ldquo; The decoration world is full of wonders. Recently, an owner responded to an amazing thing in the decoration process and has taken the decoration company to court

according to the owner's description, after buying a new house not long ago, he spent tens of thousands of yuan to hire a decoration company to decorate his new house. However, in the process of decoration, the owner found that the decoration company cut corners on work and materials. Not only did the ceiling light line not install protective sleeves, and did not brush fireproof paint, but even the floor of the living room was uneven, which was extremely obvious! The owner has repeatedly asked the decoration company to rectify. However, after the decoration project was finally completed, the owner bought sanitary ware, washbasin and other toilet supplies for installation, but found that the drainage pipe of the washbasin could not be inserted into the sewage pipe. After inviting the construction personnel to skid off the wall, he found that the sewage pipe was not used at all, but a drink bottle was used to connect it

the owner was so angry that he immediately asked the decoration company to rework, but was rejected, so the owner invited the staff of the home decoration supervision and management station to appraise the quality of the whole decoration project. After inspection, it was found that during the decoration process, not only the wiring did not meet the national standards, the light lines on the ceiling were not installed with protective sleeves, the quality of doors, windows and walls were also unqualified, and the materials used for sewers were very poor, The most outrageous thing is to use a drink bottle to replace the sewage pipe, which completely does not meet the national standard. After many unsuccessful negotiations, the owner took the decoration company to court with a petition, requesting the decoration company to compensate for losses, liquidated damages, and the return of the decoration costs paid

On September 22, the local court heard the case

in the trial, the decoration company said that the three appeals of netizens were unreasonable. The decoration company said that the owner privately invited the local home decoration supervision and management station to make an inspection report, and there was no person from the company present, and the appraisal qualification of the management station could not be determined, “ We do not recognize the authenticity and relevance of this inspection report. As for the quality of the bathroom, the decoration company said that it was due to the owner's first purchase of insufficient materials and several consecutive purchases

in addition, the beverage bottle proposed by the owner acts as a connecting pipe. A staff member of the decoration company said, “ This is to prevent sand from falling down and blocking the pipeline during the decoration process. As the loss of the owner did not apply for judicial expertise, the judge suggested that the owner apply for judicial expertise before hearing the case

in addition to such decoration scams, netizens also reported that decoration companies have potential consumption. When a netizen communicated with the designer of the decoration company, he valued 20000 yuan. After measuring the house, he paid a deposit of 1000 yuan as required. Looking at the design drawing a week later, he found that the price suddenly became more than 30000. Netizens said that at the beginning, the designer said that there was no excess cost. But when signing the contract, I found that it would cost at least 40000 yuan plus taxes and management fees, twice as much as what I promised. At this time, I gave up the decoration and couldn't get back the deposit. Most owners are the first time to buy a house, the first decoration, encounter such problems, it is inevitable to be cheated, so remember never to believe the verbal commitment, clearly stated in the contract, will be conducive to the protection of consumer rights in the future




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