The construction of Qianding wooden gate is going

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At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed! Facing the blessing of the new year, with a strong flavor of the new year, Qianding embarked on a new journey

new start, new journey, new hope! Let's start the new year with full vitality! On the 13th of 2019 (the ninth day of the first month), Qianding wooden door started! We set sail together

New Year's new weather

maybe you need to install a new home

next, let's take a look at the recommendations of Xiaobian

Qianding wooden door has various styles

there is always one for you

abandon complex carvings and lines, and use parallel lines to decorate the space, which is fashionable and renders a fresh and natural pure temperament. The plain design shows a peaceful attitude towards life

simple but not monotonous, harmonious line design and highly textured metal strip decoration add a touch of elegant fashion temperament and innate aristocratic temperament to the simple and plain appearance

simple and powerful line design and highly three-dimensional convex line technology not only highlight the beauty of simplicity, but also create a European classical artistic charm. Life is so simple, refined and beautiful

stable, high-end, noble, noble breath in the bones is self-evident, blooming stable happiness in a colorful life. With the passage of time, it becomes more simple, stable and durable

finally, I sincerely wish you good health, smooth work, good luck and good luck in the New Year




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