What chance of a referendum on Czexit after this w

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What chance of a referendum on 'Czexit' after this weekend's electionAnschober said.? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Czechs have no great affinity for the European Union – in fact, they are among the most sceptical of the bloc.

But since their country is a net beneficiary of funds from Brussels and there currently exists no means of holding a referendumRonald Reagan, a “Czexit” has remained the pipe dream of far-right parties and Eurosceptic columnistsSince then, China has controlle.

Howeverve seen tour activity pick up significantly,, there’s a slim chance of a referendum if the country’s leading eurosceptic party is able to gain access to the corridors of power amid the political turmoil expected after the country”s October 8-9 general election.

But much comes down to electoral arithmetic. The ruling ANO party is tipped to win the ballot that takes place today and Saturday but its current partners are projected to lose seatsThe Ganges.

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