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World vision + international standard equipment manufacturing highlights Shandong's advantages

World Vision + international standard equipment manufacturing highlights Shandong's advantages

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under the guidance of the provincial government when brittle materials are used in product design, Shandong equipment manufacturing industry takes "world vision, international standards, Shandong advantages" as its foothold, adheres to innovative development, strengthens traditional advantageous industries, and strives to cultivate new growth points, It has achieved high-quality and efficient development, and its industrial scale ranks third in the country. It has grown up a large number of advantageous enterprises, developed a large number of advantageous products with international competitiveness, and achieved the transformation from quantity and scale type to quality and benefit type, which has made important contributions to the steady progress, improvement and high-quality development of the industrial economy of the province. Recently, relying on the solid foundation of high-performance fiber materials, advanced chemical materials, non-ferrous metals used in low-precision industry and other fields, Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Association held its first and second general meeting and the new and old kinetic energy conversion Summit Forum in Jinan, at which such a message came out

with the theme of "adhering to the new development concept and promoting high-quality development", Shandong equipment manufacturing industry association summarized the main work in 2017 and deployed the key tasks in 2018; Shandong equipment manufacturing industry was commended for "outstanding contribution enterprises", "excellent enterprises", "outstanding contribution entrepreneurs" and "excellent entrepreneurs"

Yu Qinggu, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, Gong Chenguang, deputy director of the academic committee of the International Institute of technology and economics at the development research center of the State Council, Zhang Zhongjun, deputy inspector of Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, Sun Gang, Deputy Secretary General of China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association, and other leaders, experts and scholars attended the conference

Yu Qingji, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation (right), and Zhang Zhongjun, deputy inspector of Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology (left), inaugurated the establishment of the international exchange and cooperation center of Shandong equipment manufacturing industry association

to make Shandong manufacturing into the country and into the world

in recent years, Shandong industry has been taking the supply side structural reform as the main line, constantly accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and promoting the "four modernizations" with the "four innovations" to achieve the "four mentions", We have achieved remarkable results in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency, and developing towards high quality. The industrial scale has been continuously expanded, and the quality and efficiency have been continuously improved. The main business income of the industry ranks second in the country, forming Shandong's advantages

Shandong Province is a major province in equipment manufacturing industry, with a total of 12000 equipment manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size, with a main operating income of 4.3 trillion yuan, and the scale of equipment manufacturing industry ranks third in the country. The advantages of characteristic industries are obvious, and the competitive strength has been steadily improved. Five industries, including rail transit equipment, agricultural machinery, basic parts of machinery, food and packaging machinery, and casting, rank first in the country; Automobile, machine tools, engineering machinery, internal combustion engine and medical equipment all rank second in the country. High end equipment continues to increase, and the industrial structure continues to be optimized. There are more than 3000 high-end equipment manufacturing industries in the province, with a main business income of more than 1.1 trillion yuan. Emerging high-end equipment, such as rail transit equipment, marine engineering equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, environmental protection equipment, has become a new growth point. The innovation ability has been significantly improved, and the new momentum has been formed rapidly. 61 national enterprise technology centers and 577 provincial enterprise technology centers have been established, and a total of 784 provincial-level first (sets) of technical equipment have been identified; 23 enterprises have been listed as "national intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises" by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and 78 projects have received special support from the national intelligent manufacturing project and the national high-end CNC machine tool project, ranking first in the country in total. Industrial agglomeration has been continuously strengthened, and the radiation driving effect is obvious. The equipment industry in the province has 11 national new industrialization demonstration bases, 56 provincial new industrialization demonstration bases, 5 high-end equipment manufacturing industrial bases and 45 high-end equipment manufacturing industrial parks, forming a "regional brand" of characteristic industries. Foreign cooperation has been deepened, and the international popularity has been significantly improved. In 2016, the export delivery value of mechanical and electrical products in the province reached 346.58 billion yuan, and the export structure has been continuously optimized

in 2017, the added value of equipment manufacturing industry above Designated Size in the province increased by 11.0% year-on-year, 4.1 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of industries above Designated Size, and the contribution rate reached 45.7%, becoming the main engine of industrial growth in the province

"when the overall plan of Shandong new and old kinetic energy conversion comprehensive experimental zone was approved by the State Council, the provincial equipment manufacturing industry association organized a general meeting and a new and old kinetic energy conversion Summit Forum, which is a specific measure for the provincial equipment industry to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy." Zhang Zhongjun said in his speech, "Since the establishment of the provincial equipment manufacturing industry association, it has gathered the backbone enterprises of the industry, established a good communication and cooperation mechanism with the government, actively carried out work, constantly gave play to the horizontal and vertical coordination ability and organizational advantages, linked the upstream, middle and downstream industries, guided innovation, resource agglomeration and built a platform; constantly carried out inter provincial and international exchanges and cooperation, which has been affirmed and supported by the majority of enterprises and played a role in the development of the equipment manufacturing industry of the province And gradually become a bridge and link between the government and enterprises. "

Zhang Zhongjun asked the equipment manufacturing industry association to play a good role as the government's staff assistant; Promote the self-discipline and healthy development of the equipment manufacturing industry in the province; Give full play to the role of promoting the optimal allocation of industrial resources; Promote the "bringing in" and "going out" of the equipment manufacturing industry in our province

in order to further connect with international manufacturing industry associations and institutions, carry out inter industry and international benchmarking work, organize and lead "made in Shandong" to the country and the world, relying on the platform of Shandong equipment manufacturing industry association, and with the approval of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the "Shandong equipment manufacturing industry association international exchange and cooperation center" was established in September. At the meeting, Yu Qinggu, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, Zhang Zhongjun, inspector of Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, Wang Yusheng, deputy director of the foreign exchange and Cooperation Department of Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, and Gao Ling, President of Shandong equipment manufacturing industry association, unveiled the establishment of the "international exchange and cooperation center"

build a "club of 10000 member enterprises"

Gao Ling, President of Shandong equipment manufacturing industry association, said in the work report that it is necessary to accelerate the implementation of the three product strategy of "increasing variety, strengthening quality and creating brand" and effectively enhance the influence of Shandong manufacturing. By carrying out quality improvement actions, especially by carrying forward the craftsman spirit of excellence, we should strengthen the cultivation and support of specialized and new enterprises, and promote enterprises to take the development path of specialization, refinement, characterization and novelty. Adhere to quality first and benefit first, promote the quality, efficiency and power changes of economic development, enhance the core competitiveness of the equipment manufacturing industry, and sing the industry brand of "good quality made in Shandong"

Gao Ling said that the Shandong Association has always adhered to the development principle of "serving enterprises, industries and governments" and "consultation, co construction, sharing and win-win" and made every effort to improve and strengthen the equipment manufacturing industry in Shandong Province

in 2018, the Shandong Association will focus on promoting the establishment of more than five friendly provincial and Continental Associations with Germany, some member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, some countries along the "the Belt and Road" and Taiwan region; Cooperate with Siemens in Germany, select qualified, planned and forward-looking backbone enterprises, cultivate 10 intelligent and digital models in the province, and lead and promote intelligent and digital manufacturing in the province; Make full use of the good opportunity of the cooperation between the provincial government and Alibaba to promote the pace of "traditional manufacturing + interconnection" in the equipment manufacturing industry of Shandong Province, organize a group of backbone member enterprises to Alibaba for investigation and exchange, and speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises; Improve the degree of communication with national associations and institutions, join national associations such as China Machinery Federation, China Machinery Enterprise Association, China Automobile Industry Association, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, China Chamber of Commerce for import and export and expand the access to information and resources as a group member; Establish provincial friendship associations with more than 10 provinces such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong

set up a "collaboration information" column in Shandong Association station, and the enterprises will "date" independently. According to the wishes and requirements of the enterprises, organize enterprises to connect and exchange, cooperate with each other, become each other's market, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results; Explore and carry out centralized procurement services and build a service platform

according to the catalogue of government purchased services, actively undertake industry research, evaluation, evaluation, project demonstration and other work, and actively undertake meetings, forums, foreign exchanges and other activities entrusted by relevant government departments; Give full play to the role of the expert pool and the expert committee, select the focus, and carry out industry service work such as industry norm formulation, standard formulation, talent training, etc

integrate the resource advantages of backbone enterprises, explore the establishment of cooperative investment and development funds, create the mode of investment and financing cooperation services, hold activities such as "academician expert trip to Shandong", guide enterprises to establish post doctoral scientific research workstations, and build a number of enterprises into demonstration bases for Academy enterprise cooperation, school enterprise cooperation, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, so as to promote scientific and technological innovation and technological progress of enterprises; Gradually establish information, resources, data and other sharing platforms to provide shared services for the development of the industry

entrusted by the provincial government, Shandong Provincial Association will assist in holding the "3+1" exhibition, Western China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo and China Eurasia International Industrial Expo, Shandong international high-end equipment Manufacturing Expo, China International Industrial Expo, Hannover Industrial Expo, etc

it is reported that from 2018, Shandong Association will gradually explore and implement the "free registration system for member enterprises" in accordance with the development idea of "openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation", and jointly launch the "ten thousand activities" with municipal associations, namely: Policy publicity into ten thousand, kinetic energy conversion into ten thousand, transformation and upgrading into ten thousand, scientific and technological innovation into ten thousand, and sharing economy into ten thousand ". In the future, we will strive to build Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Association into a domestic leading and international first-class "10000 member enterprise club" in years

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