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The world's top juice brands have entered Liaoxi

"there is nothing but fruit." (nothingfruit) this summer, Ceres, a world-renowned fruit juice manufacturer from South Africa, began to enter the Chinese mainland market with such a confident and calm image. As the window of western Liaoning, Jinzhou has become the first target market targeted by Ceres

last Friday, Mr. Jia Tienan, the Northeast manager of Beijing Green Valley Food Co., Ltd., a Chinese distributor of Ceres, was interviewed. It is reported that Ceres juice Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned juice manufacturer with low prices and unreliable products. Its production base is in the Ceres Valley in South Africa, which is known as "the valley is the reason why the machine is 10 points after the test". Here, the sun is abundant and the land is fertile, rich in Valencia orange, guava, passion fruit, raspberry, blackcurrant and other high-quality tropical fruits. In 1972, Ceres formally expected to form a differentiated competition from the outside of the equipment to push the elimination method: check whether the experimental machine is 100% liquiruit - Green fan pure fresh juice. Over the past 30 years, lvfan juice has monopolized the African market, sold in more than 50 countries in Asia, Europe and the United States, and has increasingly become the world's top juice brand

Jia Tienan said that in addition to its unique raw material advantages, the production and processing procedures of lvfan are impeccable. After the fruit is picked from the manor, it is transported from Cape Town to Tianjin port for unloading from fruit selection, juicing, filtration and packaging. All the links in the process are automatically completed by machines, avoiding the pollution of products by manual operation. Because of this, lvfan juice has become the first fresh pure juice product that has passed China's import inspection and quarantine

"at present, China's per capita annual consumption of fruit juice is only 0.7 liters, which is far from the world's per capita annual consumption of 13 liters, and the market potential is huge. Ceres has determined to develop 10 cities in a planned way every year and establish its own brand in mainland China within five years." Jia said. He finally said that at present, there are many domestic fruit juice brands with fierce competition, but at present, a considerable part of them are mainly fruit juice drinks and reduced fruit juice drinks, which are medium and low-end products. Green fan uses pure and pure 100% fruit juice to create high-end brands and bring the new fruit juice culture to China

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