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The world mobile conference highlights the new challenges of telecom enterprises

telecom enterprises are trying to restore their magic with 490.3. The mobile world congress held in Barcelona this year is an opportunity for them to show how they intend to regain the favor of Internet users and how to enter their pockets

smart manufacturers have been hit by stagnant sales and falling product prices. They are seeking to use new technologies to optimize their devices and enter the fields of virtual reality, imaging and wearable technology

telecom operators face similar challenges. They hope to reproduce the glory of the early years of the intelligent revolution with the help of new networks that can connect the devices in everyone's pocket

more than 100000 people will attend the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, which is the largest event in the telecommunications industry. Hundreds of telecommunications companies, equipment manufacturers and technology companies will display their latest inventions in more than a dozen large warehouses

mats, director general of the global mobile communication systems Association (GSMA), the telecommunications industry group that hosted the conference? Matt granryd said: mobile is everything that connects everyone and everything. Digitalization is the core of everything. It has become the digitalization of mobile

grand Rudd emphasized the scale of the industry. GSMA said that the industry has contributed $3trillion to the global economy, in addition to $250billion in capital expenditure, and created about 25million jobs

telecom network companies hope to become gatekeepers of the Internet through broadband services that people access at home and with intelligence

Gervais, deputy CEO of orange, a French telecom operator? Gervais pellissier said: European consumers now use or watch multiple screens, which is a trend that no one in the industry has foreseen

now we see a new frontier around IOT. Basic broadband consumption continues its upward trajectory, and there is no sign of slowdown

grand Rudd believes that intelligence will continue to change its role and become a gateway for people to effectively reduce carbon emissions and improve design flexibility to obtain banking, government and transportation services, and even serve as a passport for them to obtain these services

he admitted that telecom operators hoped that using intelligence for such purposes would be another evolution of their relationship with customers after the acceleration instigator was selected

one reason for this shift is that consumers are unlikely to be tied to a single operator. For example, physical SIM cards are becoming less common, which allows customers to turn around at will to find the cheapest service. This means that telecom companies need to find new ways to make customers pay their bills every month, which is the driving force for them to develop new services and applications

pelicher predicts that people will also change the way they pay for telecommunications services. He said: the current pricing model based on consumer data consumption will no longer exist in a few years. The existing business model needs to be changed to reflect consumers' views on value. The basis for change is to be able to access what consumers think is important, whether it is content or services

investing to keep up with the pace of future Internet development is another challenge. In the future, the data transmitted to mobile devices will be many times that of today, and the network quality of connected devices is required to be greatly improved

numerous sensors connected to the network control the connected automotive, urban, industrial applications and household appliances, which is IOT. IOT will need faster and more stable networks. The high-speed 5g network will be very critical. It can provide near instant response speed (providing support for driverless cars) and provide download speed of more than 1GB per second

enterprises will also need to expand their network coverage in more emerging markets. GSMA estimates that 1billion people are not covered by the Internet, and another 2billion people have access to the Internet, but have not yet used the Internet. With the change of the above figures, voice and data services will open a huge market

facebook and other technology enterprises have not ignored the impact experiment method to pay dividends: regular pulse experiment method to understand the potential of this market. Facebook CEO Mark? Mark Zuckerberg will talk freely about his ambition to connect people in poorer countries

another major highlight of the world mobile conference is the various new smart series products displayed by the world's largest manufacturers

these enterprises also face a dilemma: most people in developed countries already own them, while providing services to those who do not have them in emerging markets is a business with low profits and lack of innovation. The era of easy growth is over, and the cycle of product upgrading is extending

Samsung, Sony, LG, Xiaomi and Huawei are expected to release new models

however, the most exciting move of these enterprises may be their attempts to enter fields other than intelligence, such as virtual reality and wearable devices

a telecom executive said: we are looking beyond intelligence. The purpose of this is to make intelligence a gateway to the next generation of connected services

Roberta, research director of Gartner, a research company? Roberta Cozza predicts that suppliers will provide more sensors that meet higher interconnection standards to support smart houses and smart offices

one of the key applications will be virtual reality technology. Companies such as Samsung and HTC are eager to show the great progress they have made in expanding the consumer market

Koza said: Samsung's gear VR has taken intelligence as an interface to connect virtual reality experience. We expect that this more mainstream way and the consumption of 360 degree video will continue to develop

Ben, an analyst at CCS insight, a market research company? Ben Wood said that user generated content will be a major driving factor in the take-off of virtual reality technology. CCS insight predicts that by the end of 2016, sales of specialized virtual reality devices will reach nearly $1billion

Wood said: a big problem to be solved is how much is its price? This may be the factor that determines its success or failure

the products displayed at the world mobile conference will come from various enterprises, from telecom equipment providers to network operators and manufacturers. However, the reason why these enterprises come together is that on the one hand, they need to show the world that they are part of the next wave of innovation, and on the other hand, they are worried that they are likely to be swallowed up by the undercurrent of the previous wave of innovation

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