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The world's largest diameter Hard Rock TBM "China Railway 859" set sail

the world's largest diameter Hard Rock TBM "China Railway 859" set sail

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recently, the world's largest diameter (15.08m) hard rock boring machine "China Railway 859", jointly designed and developed by China Railway Equipment Group and China Railway Tunnel bureau group, set sail from Shanghai port, Go as far as Chongyang to Georgia's Poti port, which is used for Georgia's north-south highway. Lot plays a very important role in the timely detection and prevention and control of the epidemic. The construction of Lot 1 tunnel

"China Railway 859" Hard Rock Roadheader has an excavation diameter of 15.08 meters, a total length of 182 meters, a total weight of 3900 tons, and a maximum installed power of 9900 kW. It will participate in the construction of a 9-kilometer tunnel. The equipment adopts targeted designs such as active articulation, double speed reducer and synchronous assembly of box culverts, which can realize the precise adjustment of the host posture and the rapid escape from difficulties under adverse geological conditions, so that the equipment has the ability of rapid construction under different geological conditions, ensures the safety and quality of construction, and effectively solves the construction difficulties such as long-distance tunnel, large buried depth and large excavation section

in the face of the severe epidemic in foreign countries, coupled with the difficulties of tight shipping time, heavy tasks (the total volume of transportation is more than 17000 square meters), and transportation of super large pieces, China railway equipment gives full play to its subjective initiative, scientifically plans and carefully organizes, formulates a detailed transportation plan, maintains efficient communication with transporters and customers, and constantly optimizes the work plan, providing a strong guarantee for the smooth shipping and transportation of equipment

since late September 2020, the polyurethane industry of "China Railway 859" should grasp the development trend of automobile lightweight, high-end, high comfort, safety and environmental protection. Some assemblies were successively sent from Zhengzhou, Shanghai and other bases to Shanghai Luojing port and Shanghai Yangshan Port, which took two and a half months to complete the port gathering. On November 19, the bulk carrier loaded with the main engine of "China Railway 859" left the port of Luojing, Shanghai, and on November 27, the container ship loaded with the special accessories of "China Railway 859" also officially set sail in Yangshan Port, Shanghai, marking the assembly of all components of "China Railway 859" towards the location of the project. It is expected to arrive at the port of Poti, Georgia as scheduled in early January 2021, laying a solid foundation for the next step of timely assembly and departure

China railway equipment said that it would continue to complete the follow-up tasks with professional and high-quality services, better serve the Georgian people, highlight the new height of China's high-end equipment manufacturing, and make positive contributions to promoting the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

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