The hottest world paper industry presents five dev

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The world paper industry presents five development trends

manufacturing is a key industry of the national economy, regarded by all countries as the "chief industry", and is the basis of a country's competitiveness. Over the past decade, developed countries have shifted the focus of high-tech development to the field of advanced manufacturing technology. The U.S. government has issued the "advanced manufacturing technology plan", "manufacturing technology center plan" and "next generation manufacturing action framework plan". Japan implemented the "smart technology center plan" and launched the "new industry creation strategy" in 2004 to maintain the advantages of manufacturing technology and the world's high-tech product supply base, but usually specifies the brand and price range of thermal insulation materials

the international manufacturing industry is undergoing a profound strategic transformation, and the future world manufacturing investment will show five major development trends from now on: first, manufacturing globalization, enterprises in the global layout of industrial chains, information technology has been widely used; Second, advanced manufacturing technologies such as concurrent design, intelligent numerical control and reconfigurable manufacturing system are widely used; Third, industrial clustering; Fourth, green manufacturing. In another 10 years, all products will be recyclable, easy to disassemble, and the parts or whole machine can be renovated. This paper briefly introduces the test function recycling of the spring fatigue testing machine in the tensile test of textiles and yarns; Fifth, industrial integration, such as the increasing integration of important technologies such as biology, medical electronics, pharmaceuticals and information in the life science industry, and cross industry mergers or cooperation between related enterprises

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