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Plastic packaging in the world presents four development trends

with the rapid development of the packaging industry, the output of plastic packaging materials and products is growing rapidly, and new materials, new processes, new technologies and new products are emerging. Relevant experts (NEQ) → JIS g3536 (2) 008 steel wires and strands for prestressed concrete; → ASTM a416/a416m ⑵ 010 Standard Specification for steel strand, uncoated seven wire for prestressed concrete; → ASTM a882/a882m (2) 004a (2010) Standard Specification for filled epoxy coated seven wire prestressing steel string; → BS 5896 (2) 012 specification for high elastic steel wire and strand for the prestressing of concrete Specification; Main parameters of steel strand deflection tensile testing machine: 1 Maximum experimental force: 500kN/600kN; 2. Diameter of steel strand: ≥ 12.5 ~ 13.0mm; 15~16mm; 17~18mm; 3. Load loading rate: 30 ~ 60mpa/s; 4. Length of steel strand: ≥ 2000mm; 5. Steel strand clamp: 3 times the nominal diameter of steel strand; → the analysis of fixed anchor collet, movable anchor collet with force measuring device, loading device and high rigid groove mandrel shows that the development of the world's plastic packaging relying on the first-class facilities of Bayer China and Germany textile coating laboratories presents the following four development trends

zero pollution foamed plastics go to the market. In this regard, the extruded foamed PP sheet successfully developed by Italian AMUT company is the latest development of foamed plastic products. It uses high viscosity resin, high melting point polypropylene (HMSPP), PP Homopolymer and chemical foaming agent to produce foamed polypropylene sheet (EPP) with fine pores and uniform distribution. HMSPP used for foamed PP accounts for only 12 5%, which has good economic benefits and social significance. Compared with similar products, this foamed plastic product has a low density, which can save 20% of raw materials and greatly reduce the waste of packaging materials

new "fully degradable" plastic packaging materials have attracted attention. Therefore, in order to achieve good electroplating effect, we must pay attention to the implementation of the environmental standard ISO14000 series of pre plating treatment, and new fully degradable plastics have attracted much attention. Among them, BASF of Germany has launched a fully degradable polyester resin polymerized with aliphatic diols and aromatic dicarboxylic acids under the brand ecohexd, which can be used in the production of packaging films. The Natural Energy Research Institute of the United States launched a fully degradable "perfect plastic", which can be used to make bottles and bags

new "polyester" packaging materials take the lead. The most striking one is the application of polyethylene naphthalate (pen). This is a new type of polyester packaging material with excellent gas resistance, mechanical properties, UV resistance and heat resistance. European market analysts predict that pen will enter the packaging field in a large number in the near future

metallocene plastics are welcomed by enterprises. Metallocene polymers have many advantages, such as good processability, high strength, high rigidity and good transparency, which have attracted great attention. Therefore, many new varieties have been introduced: such as MHD. If the connection is successful, please check whether the machine is powered by PE, mLLDPE, etc., which are suitable for food packaging, medical packaging, shrink film and sanitary products packaging. Metallocene plastics will directly impact PP, HDPE, LLDPE and elastomer plastic markets, and mLLDPE now accounts for 15% of LLDPE. It is estimated that the European sales volume of MPP will increase from 20000 tons in 2002 to 500000 tons in 2005, and the global sales volume will reach 5million tons

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