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Guangzhou Tongsheng Printing Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is a large provincial first-class book and magazine printing enterprise integrating prepress design, printing and binding, Guangzhou Tongsheng Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is a large provincial first-class book printing enterprise integrating prepress design, printing and binding. It is a designated purchasing enterprise of Guangdong Provincial Government Printing and Guangzhou municipal government printing

the company is fully equipped 1 The equipment provided is the original machine of the model ordered by the user, the newly imported Kodak high-definition CTP plate making, a number of German brand-new Roland 706 folio printing machines, Roland 700 folio 4+1 oiling all-in-one machines, Roland 700 folio printing machines, Komori g604 original uv6+1 printing machines, Roland 300 4-color folio printing machines to establish data curves, alarm curves, historical data curves and other brushing machines, and perfect post-processing and binding equipment. Specializing in the production of printing album, sample album printing, business card combined printing, color leaflet printing, packaging printing and other printing services, welcome major advertising companies and printing plants to join in and cooperate

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