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The way of financial management of small enterprises

the life and death of enterprises is very common, but there are not a few enterprises that can make money on the cusp of the storm. The key point is to make a correct decision. When it comes to decision-making, it seems to be a big project, so we should be more careful. In fact, as long as everything is done in a down-to-earth manner according to the concept of excellence, success is not out of reach. Nanjing Renjie Electronics Co., Ltd. is a small enterprise with less than 20 people on the Nanjing Electronics Street, but it can always maintain a high profit level under the fierce competition of electronic products, which has a lot to do with its financial philosophy

cost control: Zhang Youchi

Nanjing Renjie Electronics Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise established in 1995 with a registered capital of 3million yuan. The business scope of the electronic company is to act as an agent for communication products of domestic and international brands. It is a commodity circulation unit and is also responsible for the installation of end users

Cost control is widely valued by many small and medium-sized enterprises, but cost saving should be a kind of saving with trade-offs and principles. In order to save personnel expenses, the company has taken different approaches to cost control under different circumstances. For a small number of end-user installation businesses, more familiar engineering teams are employed temporarily; For the daily small-scale maintenance of the machine, the method of popularizing technical training for business personnel is adopted; For the emergency repair of high-end machines, the method of signing maintenance agreements with upstream manufacturers is adopted

small and medium-sized enterprises should establish the concept of constantly reducing product costs through technological innovation. To promote cost management through technological innovation, in the short term, technological transformation requires investment, and the development of new products also requires investment, which are all factors that increase costs. However, in the long run, it can not only obtain greater benefits, but also help to strive for the initiative of competition. The profit increase it brings, and the foam 3D printing technology makes 3D printing go further in this regard. The factor is greater than the cost factor of its investment

everyone participates in financial management

there are four accountants in the financial department of this company. Although there are few accountants in the company, their financial work now plays a strong role in restricting the operation of the whole company. Nanjing Renjie electronic company implements the mode of "everyone participates in financial management". In the corridor of the company, the financial staff will update the cash recovery status according to the specific items of the contract every day in the form of blackboard report. Its emergence has aroused the attention of everyone in the production department of company 8: electrical control system: the main electrical components are taken from foreign or Sino foreign joint ventures: business personnel often check, discuss and follow up the collection progress of their own contracts through it; The supervisor can also use it to get an estimate of the payment collection of the secondary dealers. In this way, everyone can get important information from here. In the company, accounts receivable are not regarded as a market expense until they are recovered, except that there is still a large gap between the basic key materials, technology, manufacturing process and the international advanced level. If the payment for goods has not been received, the sales cannot be regarded as completed, and there is no customer satisfaction. Of course, no commission will be paid to the corresponding salesperson. The mode of "everyone participating in financial management" has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of salespersons and put an end to the fact that salespersons only sign contracts regardless of the actual collection

many enterprises have established a sales collection system. Salespersons should not only promote products, but also be responsible for collection, and link the payment collection with the salesperson's bonus. This is an effective measure to prevent the risk of accounts receivable, but we should pay attention to the balance between incentives and constraints. If the business volume of an enterprise is large, a computer management system for accounts receivable can be established to monitor customers in a timely manner

pay attention to inventory management

Nanjing Renjie electronic company makes detailed statistical records of monthly sales, and sets the inventory mode in the management software. Once the inventory is below the warning line, it will replenish it immediately. Their long-term business experience makes their company's inventory occupy very low capital. Also because their business is generally customized machines, coordination with manufacturers is very important. The company has detailed agreements with long-term cooperative production enterprises. The set payment proportion is synchronized with the collection proportion of the buyer's contract, which greatly reduces the risk of a large amount of cash occupation caused by the payment time gap, and also plays a certain role in the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer during the installation of machinery and equipment. For the sudden demand fluctuation of small equipment, they adopt the method of transferring goods to their peers. Although it is higher than directly adjusting the price from suppliers, it is also much more cost-effective than hoarding a large amount of inventory and occupying working capital due to less times

the company is small, but it pays attention to absorbing advanced technology and using management software for inventory management, which not only ensures the supply of inventory, but also saves the funds occupied in inventory. At present, most trade enterprises adopt the method of zero inventory, and directly supply to customers according to orders, avoiding the risk of loss caused by price changes. Many enterprises also implement business process reengineering (BPR) and enterprise resource planning system (ERP), which are the means to improve the operation speed of enterprises

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