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Among the world's top 500 brands, I'm XCMG

the "annual meeting of world managers", jointly sponsored by World Manager Group (), world brand lab and World Media Lab, was held in Beijing Longzhong on December 17, 2019, at which the "top 500 world brands" of 2019 were released

as one of the four new brands on the list in China

XCMG (notch impact strength is carried out on ZBC ⑵ 5B pendulum impact tester according to GB1843 (0) standard; tensile performance is carried out on cmt6104 universal electronic tester according to gb/t1040 (9) 2 standard) was listed in the world top 500 brands for the first time

ranked 427 in the general list, Lu Chuan, President of XCMG machinery, the 38th Chinese brand, and the only enterprise selected in the domestic industry, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered keynote speeches with experts and scholars such as Dr. Ziv Carmon, academic dean and chief professor of the European School of business administration, Adam Galinsky, Professor of the business school of Columbia University and head of the Department of management

the world's 500 most influential brands, published by XCMG China power for 16 consecutive years, is judged based on the world influence of the brand. According to the three key indicators of brand influence, namely market share, brand loyalty and global leadership, the world brand laboratory has comprehensively scored 8000 well-known brands around the world, and finally launched 500 of the world's most influential brands

On the list of the world's top 500 brands, XCMG and 40 Chinese brands including Guodian, Tencent, Haier, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Huawei, Alibaba, China Resources, China Mobile, Sinopec, Air China and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation were successfully selected

today's brands face customers' high attention to personalization, personalization and zero resistance transactions. At the same time, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and IOT also have a significant impact on brand building. This annual meeting was centered on the theme of "competition or cooperation: brand strategy of multinational companies in an era of digital Darwinism". Enterprise leaders had effective communication and in-depth discussion with marketing experts at home and abroad

the global home sales strategy for Chinese brands in the digital age is favored as a pastry. Adam Galinsky believes that, "In the global market with fierce brand competition, companies usually face unexpected crises made by themselves. Any multinational brand should prepare a fast, open, sincere and long-term crisis management method, especially the method of brand apology. Apology can win brand loyalty"

innovation is the accelerating engine of brand power in the new era. Based on XCMG's 76 years of manufacturing industry accumulation and exploration practice, President Lu Chuan believes that the key to strengthening the brand is leading technology, reliable quality, customer value and emotional recognition. XCMG has always insisted on promoting the innovation of high-end products, technologies and standards, making innovation the soul and backbone of driving the high-quality development of the brand and the cornerstone of building a century old store

brand power to build an ecosystem

participating entrepreneurs and media deeply recognized that Darwinism in the digital age means that in the digital age, enterprises should quickly transform into digital enterprises and participate in the digital economy. Brands that wait and see, or even react too slowly, will be eliminated

in an interview with CCTV cgtn, President Lu Chuan also stated his view: the future competition of manufacturing brands has therefore improved the fire rating of many parts. The ability lies in digital competition. The key lies in overseas and high-end markets. Chinese brands can only comply with digital transformation, constantly empower brands, take internationalization strategy as a leading strategy, and integrate global resource advantages, Only by forming a multinational "aircraft carrier fleet" and a world-class management and control platform and constantly moving towards the high end of the value chain can we accelerate the "three transformations" of made in China and truly be called a world-class brand with global leadership

construction machinery is a high-end equipment manufacturing industry serving the world's engineering construction. In the digital era, it is glowing with new vitality and charm. Over the past few decades, thanks to large-scale investment and engineering construction, China's construction machinery has made considerable progress

in the 1950s, XCMG began to set foot in construction machinery, and is the founder, pioneer and leader of China's construction machinery industry. Since its establishment in 1989 as a model of national collectivization reform, XCMG has achieved the integration and unification of the brand, and has remained the first in the domestic industry for 30 consecutive years. In 1999, the list of the top 50 global construction machinery was monopolized by foreign brands, only XCMG, which was very weak and controlled by others. Today, Chinese brands led by XCMG occupy 12 seats, and XCMG ranks sixth in the global industry, and is the only Chinese brand that has entered the top ten in a row

as a leading brand consulting, research and evaluation institution in the world, the world brand lab is chaired by Professor Robert Mundell, who won the Nobel Prize in economics in 1999, and is wholly affiliated to the world manager group (). The world brand laboratory is committed to brand valuation, brand strategy, brand naming and brand protection. Its expert consultants come from world-class universities such as Harvard University, Yale University, MIT should not break, Oxford University and Cambridge University. Its research results have become an important basis for intangible asset evaluation in the process of mergers and acquisitions of many enterprises

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