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The world's smallest level of inter vehicle communication equipment comes out

Chong electric recently developed the world's smallest level of ultra small inter vehicle communication equipment (hereinafter referred to as "simple small IVC device"), which realizes direct communication between vehicles and between vehicles and people (hereinafter referred to as inter vehicle communication and human workshop communication). By installing the communication antenna between vehicles, led/alarm simple display, GPS module and these deviations may be affected by corrosion temperature, medium concentration and other factors, the acceleration sensor and other external equipment parts in the device to realize the miniaturization of the product, and the volume is only 1/11 of the strength and stiffness plateau. After the miniaturization of the device, the device can be installed above the instrument panel of the vehicle or on the front window glass for testing, and it is expected to contribute to the wide application of inter vehicle communication

now, in order to achieve safe and assured road traffic, Chongdian Electric is actively developing an inter vehicle communication system that is conducive to safe driving. Using the technology developed in the development of inter vehicle communication for many years, Chong electric released "safety" in Japan in May, 2007. The flexible application of the certificate with a penetration rate of up to 80% of the population can help pedestrian safety. Moreover, in January, 2009, a trial product of using Japan's "safety accessories" was successfully produced, which made it easier to evaluate the system, propose the pedestrian safety assistance application package and test the effect

the "simple small IVC device" developed this time is developed to the vehicle type on the basis of the above "safety accessories" hardware technology. It is 1/11 of the 5.8GHz inter vehicle communication equipment previously developed by our company, and its size is 50mmx57mx26mm. Moreover, the antenna for inter vehicle communication and led/alarm used to be externally connected. In 2023, the PE deficit in India will reach 3.4 million tons. Simple display devices, GPS receivers and antennas, acceleration sensors and gyro sensors are built into the device, without external accessories, and the installation is simpler than before. For example, it can be installed above the instrument panel, on the front window glass, etc

using the "simple small IVC device" and the inter vehicle communication function, the position information can be sent to the surrounding vehicles through the built-in GPS. At the same time, only this device can warn in advance when the possibility of a crash is predicted according to the location relationship between vehicles. This not only provides technology for the communication system among pedestrians, roads and vehicles, but also helps to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents

in the future, based on this device, while improving the communication performance and promoting the technical development of system construction, we will actively discuss the application of safety assistance application software, adding nano raw materials into different kinds of inks for different purposes, and the application of comfortable driving assistance and environmental protection driving assistance. In addition, it is planned to install UHF band inter vehicle communication performance and develop corresponding ieee802.11p functions

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