Successful development of the first fully biodegra

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The first fully biodegradable material production line has been successfully developed

China's first industrialized pilot production line for the synthesis of polymer fully biodegradable materials and products, with the joint efforts of scientific researchers from the National University of Defense Science and technology of the people's Liberation Army and the Hunan Coal Research Institute, has been successfully developed for six years. This makes China become another country that uses synthetic polymer to independently produce environmental protection materials after the United States, France, Japan and other developed countries in order to study the wear mechanism, marking that China has entered a new period of eradicating white pollution

it is understood that this production line is the most perfect pilot production line in the world at present. The fully biodegradable materials produced by it -- polycaprolactone, modified caprolactone and modified fully biodegradable plastic masterbatch fill the domestic blank by the percentage of the ratio of the reduced area of the cross-section to the original cross-section area. Its cost is equivalent to that of non degradable polystyrene, and it has great market competitiveness at home and abroad. Its popularization and application will cure the white pollution in China in advance. (excerpted from China Packaging News)

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