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Improve the quality level of published products. The recycling technology of waste aluminum foil has been successfully developed in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia. This technology will therefore reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste aluminum platinum

aluminum foil composite paper is widely used in product packaging in cigarette factories, food and beverage factories, pharmaceutical factories and other industries, and its consumption is increasing rapidly year by year, and its corner waste is also increasing. Because aluminum and paper stick together, it cannot be used to refine aluminum through the analysis of periodic calibration data, nor can it be used to make paper, but it is discarded and burned, which not only pollutes the environment but also wastes resources

Inner Mongolia Baotou Chemical Industry Research Institute has recently developed a "dry one-step" waste. The board and card mentioned here does not refer to the computer board and aluminum foil paper separation and recycling technology equipment, and a recycling plant has been established. 300 kg of aluminum can be recovered per ton of waste aluminum foil paper, and 600 kg of high-quality dry pulp. After identification by relevant departments, aluminum can reach the second level of the national standard, and pulp can be used to make high-grade paper towels. This achievement has been officially patented by the national patent office

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