Type of safety device for the hottest machine

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Types of machine safety devices

machine safety devices can be classified according to control mode or action principle. Common types are introduced below

1. Fixed safety devices

where possible, fixed safety devices that prevent contact with dangerous parts of the machine should be designed. The device shall automatically meet the environmental and process conditions of machine operation. The effectiveness of the device depends on its fixing method and the size of the opening, and there should be enough distance from the dangerous point after it is opened. These should be determined by national standards or specifications. The safety device shall be designed so that it can be removed only with special tools such as rod cone and spanner

2. The basic principle of the interlocking safety device is that the machine can run only when the safety device is closed, and the safety device can be opened only when the dangerous parts of the machine stop moving. The interlocking safety device can take the form of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic or combined. When designing the interlock device, it must be ensured that people will not be exposed to danger in case of any failure

3. Control safety device

if the movement of the machine can be stopped quickly, the control device can be used. The principle of the control device is that the machine can start only when the control device is completely closed. When the operator turns on the control device, the operation program of the machine starts to work. If the control device is disconnected, the movement of the machine will quickly stop or reverse. Usually, in a control system, the control device will not be locked in the closed state when the machine is running and the experimental instruments are selected

4. Automatic safety device

the mechanism of automatic safety device is to remove any human part exposed to danger from the dangerous area. It can only be used in an environment where there is enough time to complete such actions without causing injury. Therefore, it is limited to low-speed machines

5. Isolation safety device

adding a kind of organosiloxane to the polymer interlayer can improve the permeability of the material, but due to the inherent hydrophobic characteristics of siloxane, the moisture retention performance of the material decreases. Isolation safety device is a device that prevents any part of the body from approaching the dangerous area, such as fixed turnstiles

6. Adjustable safety device 3. The use or stroke size of the space structure of the experimental machine can be specially customized according to the user's requirements

when it is impossible to isolate the dangerous area (which may inevitably be encountered when using the machine), adjustable safety devices (fixed safety devices with adjustable parts) can be used. The possible protective effect of these safety devices depends to a large extent on the use of the operator and the correct adjustment and reasonable maintenance of the safety devices

7. Automatic adjustment safety device

the automatic adjustment device is automatically opened by the movement of the workpiece, and returns to the closed state after the operation

8. Trip safety device

the function of trip safety device is to automatically stop or reverse the movement of the machine before operating to a dangerous point. Such devices rely on sensitive tripping mechanisms, and also on the ability of the machine to stop quickly (this can be achieved by using brakes)

9. Two handed control safety device

this device forces the operator to operate the controller with two hands. However, it can only provide protection for the operator, not for others who may be close to the dangerous area. Therefore, it is also necessary to set it to be 2 The hydraulic oil in the oil source is filled in strict accordance with the operating instructions. When using this kind of device, there should be a proper distance between the two controls, and the machine should not run until both control switches are turned on, and the control system needs to be restarted after each stop of the machine

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