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The hydraulic support with high working resistance has been successfully developed by Beizhong group. Recently, a good report came from the national coal mine support equipment quality supervision and inspection center that plastic packaging materials account for more than 30% of the total amount of all kinds of packaging materials. The zy12000/25.5/55d shield electro-hydraulic control hydraulic support independently designed and manufactured by Beizhong group company of China ordnance industry group passed the type test of sample breaking point at one time, Obtain coal safety certificate

the working resistance of the support is 12000 kn, and the maximum mining height is 5.3 meters, which is an important manifestation of the highest working resistance and support height since the company produced the hydraulic support in 1978: in the loading process, the birth of the electro-hydraulic control hydraulic support marks a major breakthrough in the company's hydraulic support research and development ability. At present, the hydraulic support has been sold to Shanxi Kaijia energy group Yitang Coal Industry Co., Ltd., with sales of more than 62 million yuan

the support can be applied to the one-time full height working face of the comprehensive mechanized longwall mining method. The torsion resistance of the support is strong. When it is used in the working face of the three soft coal seams (soft roof rock stratum, soft main mining coal seam and soft coal seam floor rock stratum), it can effectively solve the problems of "roof falling, wall breaking and support bottoming" in the coal mining process

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