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The new generation of propylene polymerizer has been successfully developed and produced.

the new generation of propylene polymerizer recently developed and produced by Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. has been highly praised by experts. It is unanimously believed that this product has filled the domestic gap and laid a solid foundation for China's petrochemical plants with friction between tires and the ground to be in line with the international advanced level

propylene polymerizer is an essential key equipment for polypropylene production. It is also widely used in many fields such as chemical industry, pharmacy and dyes. Wuxi Lima Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. has carried out technical research on the new subject of long-term, full load and fast-paced propylene polymerizer, so that the replacement life of the sealing filler of the polymerizer can be extended to more than one and a half years; The agitator adopts a symmetrical double spiral belt structure, which increases the output of a single kettle by about 15%; The heat exchange device was changed from a finger tube to a U-tube. In addition, the efficiency of the heat transfer intermediate Paperboard Factory was increased by 100%. According to scientific estimates, only a 12 cubic meter polypropylene reactor can create an additional benefit of 1million yuan a year

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