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Successful development of constant frequency centrifugal water chillers for nuclear power plants

China's independent development of the world's advanced third-generation constant frequency water-cooled centrifugal water chillers for nuclear power plants (a major national science and technology project) passed the evaluation in Chongqing on November 7. Original title: the fixed frequency water-cooled centrifugal chiller for nuclear power plants, a major national science and technology project, has been successfully developed in Chongqing

China has successfully developed the fixed frequency water-cooled centrifugal chiller for nuclear power plants

China has independently developed the world's advanced third-generation fixed frequency water-cooled centrifugal chiller for nuclear power plants (a major national science and technology project), which was commissioned by the national energy administration According to the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements organized by the China Machinery Industry Federation, the expert group unanimously recognized that all indicators of the unit have met or exceeded the special development requirements, the unit has been successfully developed, the technical performance has reached the international advanced level, and the main performance is even better than the international advanced level, which can be directly used in nuclear power engineering projects. This marks another level of localization of large-scale refrigeration equipment in the field of nuclear power in China

it is understood that the special project of constant frequency water-cooled centrifugal chillers in nuclear power plants is a large advanced pressurized water reactor with the third generation of nuclear power technology in China, and there is a certain operating space for high-temperature gas cooling; It is a sub project of the national major science and technology special research of the reactor nuclear power plant. The main supporting unit of the special research is Chongqing general industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ChongTong group), which successfully developed China's first centrifugal water chiller in 1964

due to the extremely strict requirements for safety in nuclear power plants, the design requirements of the supporting refrigeration equipment are also extremely complex and demanding

from the beginning of accepting this task, I knew the importance of this topic and the difficulty of technical research to complete this topic. According to the technicians of ChongTong group, the research and development of the unit began in January 2014, and the technical elites of the company were integrated into a special project team. Together with China National Nuclear Engineering Co., Ltd., they had a full discussion with experts from Shanghai power generation equipment design and Research Institute and Shanghai Nuclear engineering research and Design Institute

in one year and ten months, the project team has repeatedly optimized nearly 20 schemes, solved a large number of core technical problems such as compressor pneumatic, heat exchanger, structure, system design and key process, production, quality control, etc., and the development scheme has been unanimously recognized by all experts. Finally, it passed the scheme design, production and acceptance at one time, And was highly praised by the expert group

Sui Yongbin, chief engineer of China Machinery Industry Federation, presided over the special on-site appraisal meeting held on the 7th. At the meeting, he fully affirmed that the joint efforts of the vast number of technicians and experts are the key to the localization of major equipment in China, and history will remember them

in the subsequent project introduction, Cheng Lin, one of the technical directors of the major national science and technology special project, revealed six major technical difficulties in research and development:

difficulty 1: the development of chillers with large cooling capacity, high pressure ratio, wide working conditions and low energy consumption. The cooling capacity of the constant frequency water-cooled centrifugal chiller of the nuclear power plant is required to be 7910kw. At the same time, the outlet temperature of the chilled water is 4.4 ℃, and the maximum outlet temperature of the cooling water is 46.7 ℃. The refrigerating capacity and pressure ratio are much higher than those of the conventional nuclear island chiller, and the energy consumption requirements of the unit are very low

difficulty 2: research and development of high-pressure ratio centrifugal refrigeration compressor with high efficiency and low noise. The centrifugal refrigeration compressor needs to meet the new capacity of the unit in the next two years, which is mainly the efficient operation of box board paper under various working conditions. At the same time, the centrifugal compressor is required to have high pressure ratio and wide operation range, and it also needs to meet the requirements of low noise and low vibration

difficulty 3: Design of heat exchanger with large temperature difference and deep expansion process of intermediate tubesheet. The unit needs to develop special thick wall high-efficiency heat transfer tubes and heat exchanger structures to meet the requirements of large temperature difference heat exchange of heat exchangers and strict requirements for equipment installation, nozzle orientation and overall dimensions. At the same time, it is necessary to develop the deep expansion process of the heat transfer tube at the intermediate tubesheet of the heat exchanger in series to ensure the tightness

difficulty 4: parallel automatic interlocking operation control of two independent circulating refrigeration systems. The unit is a double head unit with two centrifugal compressors, and the two independent circulating systems operate in parallel with the waterway system in series. It is required that the two refrigeration circulating systems meet the requirements of full-automatic interlocking adaptive operation ability, automatic regulation ability in a wide range of operating conditions and multiple protection functions. At the same time, the two refrigeration compressors can be standby for each other, and have the special function of adaptively adjusting the starting sequence and distributing operation according to the use frequency

difficulty 5: ultra long life design of the unit. Generally, the design life of centrifugal water chillers is 20 years, and the maximum requirement of nuclear power plants in the past is no more than 40 years. However, this topic requires the service life of the whole machine to reach 60 years

difficulty 6: standard research and adoption. The localization research on the design, manufacturing, testing and other aspects of the unit requires a detailed digestion and interpretation of various American standards, specifications and requirements originally involved, so as to strive to successfully realize localization under the condition that all technical requirements are met

in view of the six technical difficulties, the project team of ChongTong group implemented innovative technological breakthroughs one by one, and finally overcome the difficulties, and successfully developed a world-class prototype of the third generation constant frequency water-cooled centrifugal chiller for nuclear power plants. Industry insiders pointed out that the prototype achieved high standard requirements such as large capacity, long life, high reliability, high efficiency, low vibration and low noise, low energy consumption, poor reliability, and double heads with excellent performance. The equipment independent design and manufacturing technology with independent intellectual property rights formed through research has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level of similar products. Subsequent application will help nuclear power equipment gradually realize localization and localization, which is of far-reaching significance

the expert group finally believes that the special research and development has also formed special technical requirements and standards for the research, development and production of domestic nuclear power water chillers, which has very positive significance and long-term value for China's nuclear power industry, and has added new impetus for China's nuclear power to the world

it is reported that since 1997, ChongTong group has successfully developed and equipped the first centrifugal water chiller for nuclear power plants manufactured abroad and installed it in Qinshan nuclear power plant, achieving a breakthrough in the zero localization of refrigeration equipment for nuclear power plants. So far, it has continuously provided a large number of centrifugal water chillers for nuclear power in China. It is the only national brand provider of centrifugal water chillers for nuclear power in China and a pioneer in the development of centrifugal water chillers in China

the market prospect of constant frequency water-cooled centrifugal chillers in nuclear power plants is also very considerable. From the perspective of the national medium and long-term development plan of nuclear power, by 2020, China's nuclear power generation will account for 4% of the total power generation, and the installed capacity is expected to be as high as 50million kW. If the unit cost of the nuclear power plant is US $1300/kW, the investment of the 49 million KW nuclear power plant project in 2020 will be as high as 6. The notice has a great response in the domestic building insulation material industry of US $3.7 billion, which is calculated according to the equipment cost accounting for 44% of the total investment of the project and the degree of equipment localization of 74.6% (the degree of localization of nuclear island equipment is 70%, the degree of localization of conventional island equipment is 80%, and the degree of localization of auxiliary equipment of nuclear power plant is 90%), Domestic nuclear power equipment manufacturers are expected to share a market share of US $20.9 billion (RMB 169.5 billion) by 2020

facing the huge domestic market demand, ChongTong group has set its sights on the international market. The successful development of centrifugal water chillers in nuclear power plants has enabled us to achieve further upgrading of enterprise development. Liuzhongtang, chairman of ChongTong group, said at the on-site appraisal meeting that this will help ChongTong go abroad and realize the internationalization of large-scale refrigeration equipment products

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