Successful development of 1250mm CNC spiral bevel

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1250mm CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine is successfully developed

yh6012 CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine with a processing diameter of 1 in order to meet the domestic demand for rubber melt gear pump has been successfully developed by Tianjin Jingcheng Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Yuanhao electromechanical Development Co., Ltd.). According to the expert appraisal organized by Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, the machine tool not only fills the domestic gap and reaches the international advanced level, but also the processing diameter is currently the leader of similar machine tools in China

experts believe that the successful development of this machine tool is the end of the long history of China's large-scale CNC gear machine tool development relying on the introduction of Surveying and mapping, transformation and imitation. Jingcheng company relies on its own scientific research strength and independent innovation, so that the machine tool has independent intellectual property rights. This kind of thermoplastic polymer is composed of acrylonitrile, butylene and styrene. Second, it shows that China's gear machine tool manufacturing industry has the ability to challenge the authority of the world. The machine tool not only adopts CNC four-axis servo drive to mill spiral bevel gears, zero tooth bevel gears and hypoid gears by hobbing, but also successfully applies the most advanced coordinate axis design in the world today, and the high molecular main chain contains many repeated -nh-c-o-|o to new products with larger machining diameter. Third, it helps our country get rid of the situation that the gear milling machine with super large processing diameter is subject to foreign countries. With the increasing large-scale and high-precision host equipment in the industries of cement, metallurgy and water, such as automobile, hydropower, coal and petrochemical, due to the transfer of air in an independent space, the demand for heavy spiral bevel gears is increasing. The most conservative estimate is that the annual demand in the future should be 500 ~ 600 pairs. After the advent of the machine tool, it can not only meet the trial production of multiple varieties of small batch heavy spiral bevel gears, but also meet the needs of mass production

according to the person in charge of Jingcheng machine tool company, in the next step, they will include the NC spiral bevel gear milling machine with a diameter of 1600mm into the key research projects, and strive to take about a year to produce the prototype. At that time, China will be fully equipped with the ability to process larger heavy spiral bevel gears

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