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Successful development of non petroleum route diesel esters

by the end of March, smokeless diesel produced by non petroleum route diesel esters has completed a one month demonstration application. The application shows that more than 95% of the smoke and dust of vehicles using smokeless diesel has been eliminated. China may also be trying to promote the development of the domestic waste collection industry. The consumption is slightly lower than that of ordinary diesel locomotives, but the price is about 20% lower than that of ordinary diesel. According to yashen science and technology research and Development Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which developed and produced the diesel ester, at present, the vector control switch under the 10000 machines of the company is under construction, and the T/a diesel ester production device driven by the electric transmission belt is under construction. It will be put into production in Shandong in the third quarter of this year, which will significantly reduce the production cost of green smokeless diesel

according to Dr. Wang Youqi, chief technology officer of yashen technology and a distinguished expert of the national "thousand talents plan", diesel esters are scientifically called dimethyl carbonate. After mixing 18% - 20% of diesel esters with ordinary diesel, smokeless diesel can be produced. Although diesel locomotives have strong power and high efficiency, their emissions are large. The carbon dioxide emissions in their exhaust gases are more than 2000 times that of ordinary vehicles. 90% of the exhaust emissions of motor vehicles come from diesel locomotives

compared with the high emission of ordinary diesel, smokeless diesel is not only green, but also will not damage the power. Before 2004, domestic diesel esters were completely dependent on imports and were expensive, with a ton price of more than 10000 yuan. In 2004, some domestic scientific research institutions produced diesel esters through the petroleum process. Although the price of diesel esters produced by this process is lower than that of imported products, it is still much higher than ordinary diesel, which is difficult to promote in the market. At the same time, for each ton of diesel ester produced by this process, 0.8 tons of propylene glycol will be co produced. At present, the annual demand for propylene glycol in China is very limited. Therefore, the production of diesel esters by petroleum route is restricted

Quan Hua, President of yashen technology company, introduced that they produce 1 ton of diesel ester with carbon dioxide and methanol as raw materials, and only 0.17 ton of dimethyl ether is co produced. Therefore, the market demand for dimethyl ether is much higher than propylene glycol. Due to the low price of carbon dioxide and methanol, the price of diesel ester produced from this raw material is about 30% cheaper than that produced by the oil route; The price of smokeless diesel produced by this method is also about 20% lower than that of ordinary diesel. Therefore, it is welcomed by various diesel powered locomotive customers such as urban buses and mining vehicles. At present, the smokeless diesel produced by this diesel ester has been popularized in some cities

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