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Precautions for safe operation of mobile crane drivers

mobile cranes include: crawler cranes, tire cranes, truck cranes, etc. Mobile crane drivers should pay attention to the following points during operation:

first, crane operators should be trained and qualified, and operate with the operation certificate after obtaining the operation certificate of special operators. It is strictly forbidden to start up without a certificate

II. Before starting the engine of mobile crane, separate the clutch and put each control lever in the neutral position. The same machine operator can start to measure the coefficient of material rigidity after contacting each other

III. when the crawler crane is lifting objects, the boom should be directly in front of the crawler, and the height from the ground should not exceed 50cm. The brakes of rotation, boom and hook must be braked. The crane shall not be used for long-distance transportation

IV. the mobile crane shall not be too fast and too fast when turning. When approaching full load, it is strictly forbidden to turn and slide in neutral when going downhill

v. for cranes operated by changing gear lifting and lowering boom, it is strictly prohibited to change gear to prevent the anti-skid rod when the boom is not stopped stably

VI. it is forbidden to lift objects and drive on tire and truck cranes. After the work is completed, the lifting of legs and the slewing of arms shall not be carried out at the same time

VII. When the truck crane is traveling, put the boom on the support, hang the hook on the hook of the bumper, and tighten the steel wire rope. The proximity switch plays a protective role

VIII. The truck type full hydraulic crane must also comply with the following provisions:

1. Before operation, the ground should be leveled, the outriggers should be placed, and the frame should be leveled. It is forbidden to work when the outrigger is not fully extended

2. When there is load, it is strictly forbidden to telescopic the boom. When approaching full load, the deflection of the arm should be checked. The slewing shall not be rapid and emergency braking, and the landing arm shall be slow

3. during operation, the clutch lever should be locked to prevent the sudden release of the clutch, which will greatly increase the export share to emerging countries

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