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Precautions for safety production in Daqing coal mine since this year, Daqing coal mine has carefully summarized the experience of safety production management, learned lessons from accidents, conscientiously implemented the party's and the state's safety production guidelines, policies, laws and regulations, adhered to the "three violations", firmly established the idea that the safety experimental machine can detect different mechanical properties of various materials common in life, and strictly implemented the three major procedures and safety measures, Effectively carrying out safety inspection and concealment will demand new materials that are functional, lightweight, miniaturized and green; In view of this kind of situation, the rectification work has been carried out in May safety month and safety week in accordance with the requirements of the superiors. Since this year, the safety situation of the whole well has continued to improve

however, due to the depth extension of Daqing coal mine, the ground pressure increases, the geological structure is complex, and the faults increase, which leads to the coal transportation up the mountain in the first mining area, the production roadway collapse of the blasting mining face is serious, and the section is reduced, while the machine mining face is cut by crisscross faults, which reduces the recoverable amount. In order to peel off the fault, the roadway directly through the air inlet and return roadway of the working face is dotted, resulting in the dispersion of air flow; The preliminary design of the raw mine shaft is unreasonable. In order to form a ventilation system, nearly 20 groups of dampers are added; In recent years, the surrounding small coal mines continue to cross the border mining, and the wellhead has been blocked for many times, but there is still air leakage and water seepage; The first mining area is a high gas area, and the second mining area extends downward and the gas emission intensifies; The transportation system of Daqing shaft is complex, including adit transportation and shaft lifting. There are more than 10 underground shafts, making landslide management more difficult. In order to ensure safe production, effective management measures need to be strengthened in the following links

first, one ventilation and three prevention aspects

1. Pay attention to the cross-border mining of small kilns at any time, and block the tunnels through Daqing wells in time to reduce external air leakage

2. Strictly implement the "Regulations on management and punishment of Daqing mine ventilation", and put an end to arbitrary destruction and non-compliance with the requirements of the use of ventilation facilities. The key air doors (1800 adit air door, the train yard air door of the first mining area track up and down the mountain, 2178 return air door, 21710 return air door and belt up the mountain air door) must be strictly managed in pieces and must not be destroyed

3. Strictly enforce the gas inspection system, put an end to the phenomenon of missing inspection and false inspection during the empty shift, timely report the ventilation gas parameters, put an end to the gas exceeding the limit and the operation without wind and breeze, and deal with the gas exceeding the limit according to the regulations

4. Strengthen the management of local ventilation, improve the quality of local ventilation, and eliminate (with emphasis on residual mining) the phenomenon of local fan circulating air

5. It is forbidden to stack materials in the goaf and abandoned shafts and roadways, and close the goaf in time as required to avoid accidents

II. Mining

1. Strengthen roof management, improve the quality of support engineering, promote production with quality and ensure safety. In terms of tunneling, it is important to use the front probe beam well and eliminate empty roof operation. The angle of bolt support and the distance between rows must be arranged according to the requirements. The roof broken zone must be supported by shed beam and arch, and the top must be tightly backed. The roof pressure near the upper and lower outlet support, upper and lower corner end support, fault zone and triangle coal pillar corner formed by fault cutting of the coal mining face is concentrated, which must be taken as the top priority in the support, and the quality must meet the standard without leaving dead corners

2. Strengthen the management of electromechanical transportation equipment during operation to prevent such accidents. Scraper conveyors are used in all mining faces. The accident rate of scraper conveyor is high in many places and occurs repeatedly. This must be paid great attention to, strictly managed and operated according to the rules. The chute driver must work with a certificate, the tail pressure column must be firmly fixed, and the chute must be repaired at any time to avoid floating chain injury, and no one is allowed to ride the chute. In the process of tunneling, the bucket loader must use the guard post according to the regulations. No one is allowed to stand before the loader, and the inverted wedge must be firmly hit. When reverse construction is adopted in the mountain of the mining area, the rock loader, reverse pulley, steel rope and connection must be firm, and landslide pedestrians are prohibited during rock loading

III. electromechanical transportation

1. Electromechanical aspects should focus on eliminating the explosion of underground electrical appliances, and truly achieve three noes, Four Haves, two Qi, three integrity, and three persistence

2. In terms of transportation, the key point is that the landslide lifting must ensure that the first slope and the third gear are complete, sensitive and reliable. Landslide lifting should strictly implement the system of driving without people and pedestrians without driving, and it is strictly forbidden to pick up the car and pedal the hook in view of the current new material industry. 2. Set the number of experiments to automatically stop the car and other problems faced by large but not strong; The vehicle connection device must be regular, intact, complete and reliable. The electric locomotive has tail lights and alarm bells. It is strictly prohibited to over pull and overload

IV. other aspects focus on the strict management and use of initiating explosive devices to prevent loss and theft. The shooter must work with a certificate, plan to receive and use drugs, strictly implement the receiving and returning system, and it is strictly forbidden to store (bury) explosives and detonators underground

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