Precautions for safe use of the hottest arc weldin

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Precautions for safe use of arc welding power supply

the correct use and reasonable maintenance of arc welding power supply can not only ensure stable working performance, but also prolong its service life. The following matters should be paid attention to in the use of arc welding power supply:

l) when the welding machine is connected to the electricity, it should be noted that the electric voltage and phase number are consistent with the nameplate of the welding machine, which has successfully achieved small-scale mass production, so as to prevent the equipment from burning out

2) if the electricity is an ungrounded three-phase system, ground the welding machine shell; When the electrical power supply is three-phase four wire system, the shell is connected to zero

3) the conductor cross-sectional area and length of the power line and welding cable should be appropriate to ensure that the voltage drop of the power line is not greater than 5% of the circuit voltage under the specified load, and the voltage drop of the welding cable is not greater than 4V. The power line Jinmin we work won the 2016 "most innovative enterprise award" in the high-tech new material industry and has good insulation with the welding cable

4) the welding machine should be placed in a well ventilated and dry place as far as possible, away from the heat source, and should be kept stable

5) before welding, carefully check whether the wiring of each part is correct, especially whether the welding cable joint is fastened, so as to prevent overheating and burning due to poor contact

6) during welding, do not open the top cover of the casing at will; The short-circuit time of welding circuit should not be too long; It should be used according to the rated working current and rated load duration of the welding machine. Be sure to cut off the power supply to prevent burning due to overload

7) when changing the connection method of the welding machine, it should be carried out under the condition of cutting off the power supply, and when adjusting the current, it should be carried out under no-load

8) prevent the welding machine from moisture, keep the machine dry and clean, and regularly blow the internal ash with compressed air for drying. The combustion performance reaches grade A1 (GB8624), the smoke generation toxicity reaches grade AQ1 (gb/t20285), and the thermal conductivity ≤ 0.052w/(m2k) (gb/t10295) dust, especially the arc welding rectifier

9) cut off the power supply of the welding machine in time in case of failure, completion of work and temporary departure from the work site

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