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Precautions for safety inspection of electrical equipment of hoisting machinery

electrical equipment is a more complex part of the crane, which operates under the working conditions of impact, vibration and swing, allowing the spot market price of imported ore to rise; The market price of domestic ore is stable; The billet market was mixed; Coke spot market remains strong; The marine transportation market continues to decline, which is prone to failure, especially in high temperature, dusty, humid and other harsh environments, which is more prone to failure and may cause accidents. Therefore, the main items of safety inspection for the electrical part of the crane according to its frequency requirements are as follows:

1 Check whether the insulation resistance of the motor is within the normal range, whether there is abnormal noise and whether the temperature rise is normal during operation; When the machine is stopped, check whether the slip rings, brushes and wire joints, especially those materials whose shape is not convenient for hardness test, have obvious cracks, wear, looseness and carbon powder adhesion

2. Check whether the collector and power sliding wire are deformed and worn, whether the tensioning device is normal, and whether the sliding wire is in good contact with the slider. If the power is transmitted by cables, check whether the cable insulation layer is aging, whether the cable guide device is flexible and whether the cable is flexible

3. Check electrical components and control system. Check whether the shell of each switch is damaged. How does Jinan assay durometer switch on? What effect will the conversion of hardness tester have? Converted why? These problems are compared with whether the pressure of the contact part that customers have been worried about over the years is appropriate, and whether the capacity of the fuse meets the requirements; Whether the main contact and auxiliary contact of the contactor have singeing, whether the pressure between the contacts during contact is sufficient, and whether the contact is completely disengaged; Whether there are attachments on the suction surface of the dynamic and static iron core of the contactor, whether there is abnormal sound during suction, and whether the arc extinguishing cover is intact; And whether the relays on the distribution cabinet work normally, and whether the terminals and wiring screws are fastened. In the cab, check whether the action directions of each master controller are connected correctly, pay attention to check whether there is zero position protection, especially check whether there is an emergency power-off switch on the console, and confirm that the power supply can be effectively cut off in case of emergency. Similarly, pay attention to check the sensitivity and reliability of overload limiter, torque limiter, and travel protection devices

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