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Precautions for safe operation of pressure vessels

pressure vessels have explosion hazards. When using pressure vessels safely, please be sure to comply with the following provisions:

first, strictly implement the safety operation procedures, monitor the changes of working pressure, temperature, medium, etc., and prohibit illegal operations such as overpressure, over temperature, over loading, etc

II. Special equipment use registration certificate must be held and used within the validity period of regular inspection. It is strictly prohibited to use without certificate or beyond the time limit

III. The management and operation personnel must hold the "special equipment operator certificate" to work, and it is strictly prohibited to work without a certificate

IV. safety accessories such as safety valves, pressure gauges, temperature measuring instruments and emergency shut-off valves must be complete, sensitive and reliable, and regularly calibrated and inspected according to relevant regulations

1. Ensure that all components on the pressure vessel have been correctly and reliably installed before use

2. Ensure that the pressure vessel is horizontally supported and reliably fixed according to the span (s) recommended by the manufacturer

3. Ensure that the fixation and piping connection of the pressure vessel have flexible and bufferable space to adapt to the radial and axial increase of the pressure vessel under the action of pressure

4. Ensure that the system device provides overpressure (greater than 105% of the design pressure) protection for the pressure vessel, and the device that exceeds the annual target task

5. Make sure to check the end plate and piping interface regularly Replace the corroded or damaged parts in time

6. Ensure that all rubber seals and inner surfaces of pressure vessels have been properly coated with lubricant before use

7. It is not allowed to attempt to disassemble any parts on the pressure vessel under pressure

8. It is not allowed to make any rigidity to the pressure vessel, and the list is for readers to choose, fix and connect

9. It is not allowed to operate the pressure vessel without the thrust ring installed at the downstream of the pressure vessel

10. It is not allowed to use pressure vessels when the certification requirements in many industries in China exceed the service conditions of pressure vessels. Attention should be paid to the selection of pressure vessels

11. It is not allowed to have any leakage of the pressure vessel during use or the end plate assembly is often in a wet state

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