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Precautions for safe operation of winch driver

(1) the winch shall be fixed by person and machine. The winch driver must be familiar with the structure, principle, performance, operation method, maintenance rules and safety regulations of the machine

(2) at the beginning of the work, it is necessary to check whether there is any abnormality in the winch, well frame, hanging disc and other parts on the sample that is not the correction point. Whether the fuselage and derrick are firmly fixed, and whether the exposed belt, gear and other transmission sheaves of the winch meet the requirements (open tackle is prohibited)

(3 reshaping the military soul has become an important issue for the people's Liberation Army at present) before operation, test run should be carried out to check whether all actions and braking equipment are sensitive and reliable, and whether the connecting fasteners of all parts are intact and reliable. Check whether the working conditions and safety devices meet the requirements. The operation can only be carried out after the inspection and test run are qualified

(4) the steel wire ropes on the winch drum should be arranged neatly. If the entanglement is disordered and needs to be rolled and rewound, it is strictly forbidden to guide the entanglement with hands and feet by one person. (at this time, only two people can work together to wind the steel wire rope. There are more than 100 companies in Beijing alone. One person operates and one person guides with his hand 5m away. The two people work closely to wind the steel wire rope.) The steel wire rope shall be kept on the drum for at least 3 rounds. When the wear of the steel wire rope reaches the scrapping standard, it must be replaced in time, and the steel wire rope with joints shall not be used

(5) it is strictly forbidden to overload the winch. The working voltage of the motor shall be consistent with the provisions on the nameplate, and its variation range shall not exceed +5% (for example, the 380V motor shall be between 360~400v). If the voltage variation exceeds +5%, the load shall be reduced by 30%; Stop immediately when the voltage change exceeds +10%

(6) during operation, the driver should concentrate and is not allowed to chat and fight with others. Pay attention to the movement and static of the winch and the normal operation of all parts at any time

(7) the hoist must be stopped immediately for maintenance in case of the following conditions during transportation

1) electric leakage is found in electrical equipment

2) the contact of the starter is arced or burned; But generally speaking

3) the temperature rise of the starter is too high or there is abnormal sound during operation

4) sudden voltage drop

5) protective equipment falls off

6) braking equipment fails or is not sensitive enough

(8) when the winch is hoisted on the high frame, when the hanging plate stops at each floor, the safety gate of the hanging plate must be opened first, and the hanging plate must be supported to ensure that the hanging plate does not fall before people can pick up and deliver materials

(9) when the winch lifts the lifting plate, no one is allowed to sit in the lifting plate. No one is allowed to lift the hanging plate before leaving it. No one is allowed to pass or operate vertically below it after lifting. When someone is found below, the hanging plate shall not fall or rise

(10) when the winch is used for vertical transportation, there should be clear signals for up and down contact, such as electric bell, signal lamp, etc. Drivers should stick to their posts and non operators are strictly forbidden to move around

(11) when the winch is operated in different shifts, the shift handover system should be adhered to, and the mechanical conditions, tasks and disaster prevention matters should be handed over

(12) after the work is completed, the lifting plate must be dropped, the power knife switch must be disconnected, and the switch box can be locked before leaving the machine

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