Precautions for safe operation of plugging under p

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Precautions for safe operation of plugging under pressure without stopping

I. preparation before plugging

determine the leakage position and select the appropriate sealant. Determine the filling range of sealant and accurately measure the relevant dimensions to select or design fixtures and plugging schemes. When installing fixtures, operators should wear protective equipment and stand upwind. This is a difficult direction for scientific research experiments to solve some other problems. Avoid violent knocking of machines and tools during installation, and sparks are absolutely prohibited. The injection joint should be connected to the fixture in advance, and the plug valve should be in the "open" position. There should be a note near the leakage point. There should be no obvious burns when welding Grade 1-3 reinforcement; There shall be no burns during welding of grade 4 reinforcement; Shoot the joint during negative temperature flash butt welding to facilitate the emission of leakage gas

II. Sealant injection

when injecting, start from far away from the leakage point. If there are two leaks, start from the middle and gradually move towards the leakage point. After the injection of an injection point is completed, close the valve on the injection point immediately and move the injection gun to the next injection point until the leakage is eliminated. Maintain a certain injection pressure after injection. When plugging the high-pressure system (above 4MPa), the high-pressure injection gun should be used, and the oil pump should be used to boost the pressure, so that the oil pressure is greater than the medium pressure. After the injection is completed, it can be maintained for 15min to complete the plugging.

III. safety measures for plugging under pressure

in order to ensure the safety of plugging under pressure, the following safety measures should be strictly observed:

1. Strictly implement the safety technical specifications for fire prevention, explosion prevention, poison prevention, corrosion prevention, radiation prevention, etc

2. The plugging personnel should be people with strong heart, rich practical experience and familiar with the working conditions of the equipment, and equipped with guardians. The number of personnel should be small and precise

3. Wear labor protection articles suitable for medium working conditions as required, and prepare all necessary safety appliances and equipment

4. Clean up the plugging site and take protective measures for ventilation, evacuation, drainage and covering of dangerous media according to their nature

5 explore the joint bidding of domestic and foreign enterprises, plug the leakage of flammable and explosive media, try to avoid the welding plugging method, and do not allow the use of tools and operation methods that may cause sparks. Copper tools, air guns and pneumatic drills shall be used, and electrical equipment and tools shall not be used

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