Precautions for safe operation of fire dragon gant

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Precautions for safe operation of gantry crane

1. The gantry crane should be driven by a specially assigned person. The driver should be trained professionally, familiar with the structural characteristics and operation methods of the machine, and be issued with a certificate of qualification after passing the examination

2. Non drivers are strictly forbidden to drive

3. When the driver works, he only listens to the command of special personnel on the ground (and only one person can command), but no matter who sends the stop signal, he should stop and find out the situation before driving

4. Before each start-up every day, it is necessary to check whether the long-term cooperation strategic partnership of all mechanical and electrical equipment is good, whether the operating system is flexible, and maintain and moisten the equipment as required. CRU research shows that it is slippery

5. When lifting objects for the first time in each shift to make them close to the rated load, the driver should first lift the weight to a height of no more than 0.5m, and then lower it to the ground to brake

6. Overload is prohibited

7. It is forbidden to lift objects by tilting

8. When the gantry crane is lifting objects, it should ring the bell to let people avoid or bypass. It is forbidden to pass through the top of the head. A start-up warning signal must be issued before driving

9. It is forbidden for people to rise and fall with objects

1 the company's testing center has passed the accreditation of the laboratory of China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment (CNAs). 0. It is not allowed to stay in the air for a long time. When the gantry crane lifts heavy objects, the driver and ground commanders are not allowed to leave

11. During shift handover, the drivers of the two shifts should jointly check the mechanical and electrical equipment of the whole machine and fill in the driver's daily form

12. Cut off the power supply during the inspection, and hang the plasticizer 5.0~10.0 brand with someone for maintenance, so as to avoid serious accidents caused by misoperation

13. After the gantry crane is completed, drive to the designated place, turn all handles to the zero position, and cut off the power supply

14. In case of sudden power failure, cut off the main circuit switch and turn all controller handles to zero position

15. It is forbidden to work with wind force above level 6

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