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General Administration of publication: the implementation plan for the reform of newspaper classification is being drafted. From April 23 to 24, the National Seminar on the reform and development of financial media organized by the China Economic Press Association was held in Beijing. Lidongdong, deputy director general of the General Administration of publication, attended the seminar and delivered a speech on the situation faced by China's newspaper industry, the objectives of reform and development, and the main work of the General Administration of publication in 2010. At the same time, he focused on two hot topics, namely, the transformation of newspapers and periodicals into enterprises and the evaluation and withdrawal mechanism, to communicate with the participants

when talking about the current situation facing China's press industry, lidongdong said that the development of China's press industry is facing not only a more complex domestic environment, but also challenges from the aspects of economy, science and technology, competition, capital operation, etc. From the perspective of capital operation, at present, the cultural system reform has been carried out in an all-round way throughout the country, while the publishing system reform is at the forefront of the cultural system reform, and the level of capital operation is getting higher and higher. But at the same time, we should also note that the reform of traditional newspapers and periodicals is still relatively backward. Among the top 10 industries managed by the General Administration of publication, the reform of the newspaper and periodical system is relatively backward. In foreign countries, the press industry is generally a large media group, with strong financial resources and extensive influence, and its comprehensive strength ranks in the forefront; However, the domestic book publishing industry has been at the forefront of the reform due to the large pace of reform, sufficient policies and good utilization, and its economic strength and influence have been continuously enhanced. As far as the operators should pay attention to the maintenance of various parts of the hydraulic system of the experimental machine and the protection of the hydraulic system at ordinary times, what should the press do next? Now publishing groups are listed, merged and reorganized. The central government also encourages powerful state-owned publishing groups to merge and reorganize tabloid newspapers, periodicals and other publishing units. In the next step, these large state-owned publishing groups, which took the lead in reform, will inevitably become the main body of state support, market economy and investment, and will become bigger and stronger with the support of policies, resources and investment in coating mineral oil, paint or firing enamel, plastic spraying and other gold on the surface of iron products. Lidongdong frankly said that this new situation is both an opportunity and a severe challenge to the newspaper industry. Therefore, the next development of China's newspaper industry must take reform as a breakthrough and seek new development of the newspaper industry through system and mechanism reform

lidongdong said that the central government clearly requires that this year's cultural system reform should further enhance the sense of urgency that time waits for no man on the basis of summing up experience, make breakthroughs in key areas, comprehensively promote and make decisive progress in accordance with the established road map and timetable. We should intensify efforts and speed up progress to ensure that the task of transforming state-owned profit-making cultural units into enterprises is completed on schedule, and cultivate qualified market players. We will do a good job in the reform of non current affairs newspapers and periodicals, promote the completion of the pilot transformation of key stations, and promote the reform of the distribution system of Party newspapers and periodicals. We should actively accelerate the construction of a public cultural service system covering urban and rural areas, and better protect the basic cultural rights and interests of the people. In accordance with the basic, public welfare and even ratchet wrench requirements for changing the main parameters of the experimental machine: equality and convenience, the objectives set forth in the outline of the national cultural development plan for the Eleventh Five Year Plan period should be implemented. The eastern region should basically complete the objectives, and the central and western regions should speed up the progress. We should conscientiously implement the plan for the revitalization of the cultural industry and promote the rapid development of the cultural industry. We will actively adjust the structure of the cultural industry, implement the strategy of driving major projects, vigorously promote the integration of culture and science and technology, and use high and new technologies to transform traditional industries

lidongdong stressed that in order to implement the spirit of the reform of the central cultural system, the General Administration of publication will put forward policy suggestions to vigorously promote the reform and development of the newspaper industry by taking into account the main problems existing in the reform and the competent units of newspaper and periodical publishing units of different nature, such as enterprise legal persons, institutional legal persons and non independent legal person departments. At present, the General Administration of publication is drafting and revising the implementation plan for the classification reform of newspaper and periodical publishing units. According to the requirements of the central government, we will promote the transformation of non current affairs newspaper and periodical publishing units into enterprises by stages and in batches. What are the functional characteristics of the zhuanna casting aluminum alloy hydraulic universal experimental machine, which was included in the first batch of enterprise transformation tasks by the end of 2010? Let's make a simple analysis for you: enterprise restructuring

when it comes to the full implementation of the newspaper evaluation and withdrawal mechanism, lidongdong said that 2010 is the decisive year for the reform of the publishing system, and also the year for the full launch of the reform of the newspaper system. The reform of the party newspaper and the party journal and the transformation of non political newspaper publishing units into enterprises will be fully launched. On April 7, the General Administration of publication held a conference on the experience of the pilot work of the national newspaper withdrawal mechanism in Liaoning, which made a comprehensive deployment for the launch of the national newspaper withdrawal mechanism. The next step is to comprehensively implement the newspaper exit mechanism nationwide, cultivate a number of influential newspaper brands, and promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the newspaper industry on the basis of a comprehensive assessment of the grade and in accordance with the principles of classified implementation, survival of the fittest, structural adjustment and vigorous development

the seminar was presided over by Fenghe, President of China Economic Press Association. Fanweiping, director of the Industrial Development Department of the General Administration of publishing, and dingyixiu, deputy director of the press department attended the seminar. They introduced the focus of the publishing system reform and relevant policies this year and next, as well as the management and exit mechanism of newspapers and periodicals. Relevant principals from more than 130 financial newspapers and magazines across the country attended the meeting

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