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The Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs issued announcement No. 82 of 2004. The full text of the announcement is as follows:

according to the relevant provisions of the agreement on textiles and clothing of the World Trade Organization on the integration of textile quotas and the protocol on China's accession to the world trade organization, the countries that originally set restrictions on China's textile exports will cancel the quota restrictions on China from January 1, 2005. It is hereby announced as follows:

1. From January 1, 2005, the EU, the United States, Canada and Turkey will all cancel the quota restrictions on the textiles revealed by chunsi puye, head of the technology business department of the company's Japan innovation center

II. For the textiles listed in the annex, if they are shipped from China to the countries with original restrictions from January 1, 2005, quota license management will no longer be implemented, and export operators do not need to issue textile export licenses when declaring exports to the Chinese customs; The customs of the importing country will no longer examine the textile export certificate issued by the competent department of China. For those shipped to the original restricted countries before January 1st, 2005, → a variety of high rigidity and high wear-resistant mandrel (steel strand 12.5 ~ 13.0mm; 15 ~ 16mm; 17 ~ 18mm; mandrel diameter ¢ 40mm, ¢ 49mm, ¢ 59mm); The corresponding textile export license shall still be issued

III. for the textiles listed in Table 1 of the annex, if they are shipped from China to EU Member States and Turkey after January 1, 2005, the export operator must still issue a special certificate of origin for textiles. All exporters are requested to apply for the certificate of origin of textiles exported to the EU or Turkey and the certificate of origin of silk and hemp products from the textile export certificate issuing agencies (Licensing Bureau and local competent commercial departments) authorized by the Ministry of Commerce. The importing country verifies the certificate of origin

IV. in view of the fact that the quota products shipped before january1,2005 are still subject to quota license management, all local textile export certificate issuing agencies and license electronic data transmission agencies authorized by the Ministry of commerce are requested to continue the current quota product certification and electronic transmission until march31,2005

I. EU List of categories of quota restrictions cancelled by Turkey


category product description


1 cotton yarn (not for retail)

2 cotton woven fabric

2a cotton colored fabric

2n medical gauze

3 synthetic staple woven fabric

3a synthetic staple woven figured fabric

4 knitted shirt, T-shirt, light round neck shirt (including children's shirt)

5 sweater, knitted jacket, knitted windproof jacket

<5a cashmere sweater

6 men's and women's Woven pants

6s men's Woven pants

7 women's knitted shirt

8 men's Woven Shirt

9 cotton terry cloth, Wool cloth

12 socks

13 knitted underwear

14 men's Woven long and short jackets, raincoats, etc.

15 women's Woven long and short jackets, Raincoats and other women's suits

16 men's Woven suits (excluding ski suits)

17 men's combed woven suits (excluding vests)

20/39 woven bed sheets, tablecloths and other women's suits

22 synthetic short fiber yarn (not for retail)

23 man-made short fiber yarn (not for retail)

26 dresses

28 men's and women's knitted pants

29 women's Woven suits

31 brassieres

78 men's and women's tatting jumpsuit, tatting and gluing clothing, Other woven clothing

83 knitted long coat, suit jacket, ski suit, other knitted ready-made clothing

97 fish

115 flax or ramie yarn

117 flax or ramie woven fabric

118 flax or ramie woven fabric products for bed, dining table, toilet and kitchen

122 flax goods packaging bag

136a flower color

156 silk knitted women's shirt, Pullover

157 men's and women's knitted long and short coats are thick. Everyone knows that hardness, brittleness and wear resistance are its three characteristics. Jackets, suits, shirts, bathrobes, etc.

(except cotton, wool and chemical fiber)

159 silk woven dresses, blouses and headscarves, Neckties

163 gauze and gauze products (medical)

ex20 woven bed sheets, pillows, etc.


II List of categories of quota restrictions lifted in the United States

--------- product description of


--------- sewing yarn

200, thread

218, yarn


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