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The gap between China's packaging machinery and foreign countries at present, most of the measuring systems with high technical content in China have reference benchmarks, and the complete packaging equipment still relies on imports; China's packaging machinery is excessively dependent on foreign high-end technology, and the export value is less than 5% of the total output value, but the import value is equivalent to the total output value

from the perspective of product structure, there are only more than 1300 varieties of packaging machinery in China, with a small number of supporting equipment, lacking high-precision and large-scale products; The product quality gap is manifested in low product performance, poor stability and reliability, unsightly appearance and rough surface treatment; 28 domestic legislators rejected the political reform plan. The packaging machinery industry lacks leading enterprises. The non-toxic materials produced by large-scale and high-grade enterprises allow the new solar cells to detoxify "green element" bismuth, which can replace a small amount of lead; From the perspective of product development, China is still basically at the stage of testing and imitation, and its self-development ability is weak. Scientific research funds account for only 1% of sales, compared with 8-10% abroad

it is estimated that China's packaging machinery output will increase to 670000 sets in 2005 and 930000 sets in 2010. However, only by increasing capital investment and expanding the production scale in the low-cost sales of Jinan gold testing machine can not meet the needs. It is urgent to adjust the product structure and improve the development ability

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