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Gear industry in 30 years of agitation ushers in the fourth level of development

gear industry in 30 years of agitation ushers in the fourth level of development

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gear is a large number of key basic parts and components, which are almost used in all fields of the national economy. Gear industry is a technology intensive and capital intensive industry in machinery industry. At present, the gear industry has become the largest industry in China

last year, the output value of the national gear industry was about 230billion yuan, ranking first in the world. In the past 30 years, China's gear industry has experienced rapid development, with an average growth rate of 18%; In the past three years, the output value of the whole industry has been in a wandering stage, and the deficit is still expanding. It should be said that the past three years have also been a time when the new production line of the gear comprehensive part was put into operation. The industry has the advantages of simple and convenient operation, hard training, and actually promoting technological innovation, transformation and upgrading

on this occasion, the gear branch of China General Parts Association (cgma) recently held the 2017 national gear technology seminar in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, aiming to lead the all-round development of the industry with independent innovation. Industry experts and entrepreneurs gathered together to discuss future development. Shizhaoyao, vice president and Executive Deputy Secretary General of cgma and professor of Beijing University of technology, frankly said that the comprehensive breakthroughs in key technologies that have long plagued the development of the industry, the improvement of product quality and the opportunity provided by the national economic transformation and upgrading have ushered in a new stage of development for China's gear industry. More importantly, China's gear industry has formed the most complete industrial system in the world, which can be said to cover the whole field of gear products. With the current development trend, the whole industry will reach 300billion in the next five years

therefore, 25 years ago, the development of motorcycle gears changed the output value of China's gear industry from several billion yuan to more than 20 billion yuan; 16 years ago, taking China's accession to the WTO as a turning point, the development of automobile gears made the output value of China's gear industry jump from tens of billions of yuan to about 130billion yuan, which is the second pole of the development of the gear industry. Ten years ago, the development of wind power and engineering machinery gears brought the third pole growth to the gear industry, increasing the output value of the gear industry by nearly 200billion yuan. The development of the fourth pole is a synthesis of many aspects: the comprehensive industrialization of domestic automatic transmission, precision reducer based on robot demand and high-speed train gearbox

at present, precision reducers are mainly used in industrial robots, CNC machine tools and automation equipment. In the next few years, China's industrial robot industry will be in a period of rapid development, which provides a broad market prospect for high-precision and high-performance joint reducers. Unfortunately, China has long relied on imports of robot precision reducers; Fortunately, this situation is about to change. After the "tracking research" and "independent innovation" of the whole industry, as well as the strong support of the government, the industrialization of RV and harmonic reducers for various types of robots is really advancing. In the next three years, 1million sets of production capacity will be formed, which will support the development of China's robot and intelligent equipment industry

China's high-speed train is a "golden card" made in China. However, behind the rise of China's high-end equipment is the backwardness of core and key components. Gear box is the core component of high-speed train power transmission, and its working performance directly determines the reliability and safety of high-speed train operation. High speed rail gearboxes in the world were once monopolized by German and Japanese enterprises. Compared with the existing high-speed rail in foreign countries, China's high-speed rail has put forward more stringent requirements for the reliability and other performance of the gearbox due to its vast territory, large north-south temperature difference, long operation span, high speed, long-time operation and other complex and variable working conditions. In order to solve the problem of gear box that hinders the development of high-speed rail, relevant Chinese enterprises, with the support of the state, have set up another path to solve the problems of temperature rise, vibration, lightweight and reliability of gear box for high-speed rail, formed an integrated design method, developed products with independent knowledge, replaced foreign products, and realized industrialization

the gear industry has entered the fourth pole development, and independent innovation has become the main theme. The author inspected that the first three growth of China's gear industry mainly benefited from introduction, digestion and re innovation. The fourth pole development provides an opportunity for the gear industry to reshuffle. New leading enterprises will come to the fore, and some old-fashioned enterprises will lose development opportunities and even withdraw from the market

it should be said that at present, in view of the fourth pole growth of the gear industry, the domestic related supporting equipment industry can not meet this demand. The gear related industries should seize this opportunity to develop themselves, while in turn promoting the fourth pole development of the gear industry. These foundations include talent foundation, technology foundation, management foundation and supporting foundation of industrial chain

baihonghua, general manager of Axiang heavy industry of Zhejiang Axiang Group Co., Ltd., said at the meeting that although the manufacturing industry is still in a relatively depressed period, it has seen signs of future development and recovery of the industry. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up after each application. In particular, the future development of green manufacturing will be very considerable, As a group company, Axiang heavy industry will gradually focus on equipment industry in the future. As an enterprise started by farmers, our strategy is pragmatic, single-minded and unremitting

this session was hosted by China machinery general parts and gears branch and undertaken by Zhejiang Zhenxing Axiang Group Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Jiaxue CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd; Co organized by Beijing University of technology and other units. Zhejiang University, China Agricultural University, Gleason, Taizhong and many other well-known universities, enterprises and research institutes at home and abroad attended

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