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Yuchai's three major projects boost Yuchai's internationalization Guide: Yuchai's second foundry workshop, heavy machinery processing workshop and Yuchai building will be completed and put into use today. This is a solid step taken by Yuchai in the process of constantly creating new heights and becoming one of the best internal combustion engines in the world. It will effectively improve Yuchai's manufacturing level, product level and management level

the three major projects of Yuchai second foundry workshop, heavy machine processing workshop and Yuchai building will be completed and put into use today. This is a solid step taken by Yuchai in the process of constantly reaching new heights and becoming one of the world's best internal combustion engines. It will effectively improve Yuchai's manufacturing level, product level and management level, and make the fundamental change of Yuchai's viability in international competition from "long-term stability and sustainable development" to "long-term stability and sustainable development"

strive to enter the "top four" in 2008.

on the stage of market internationalization, Yuchai has made rapid progress and achieved good results. In 2002, Yuchai became the first United Nations procurement supplier in China's machinery industry. In 2003, Yuchai became a constituent stock of the US usx China Index, ranking first among the 100 foreign-funded blue chip Chinese shortlisted companies listed in New York. Since the new year's day of this year, Yuchai has implemented 24-hour continuous production. The monthly production and sales volume of diesel engines has reached a record high. In March, 30000 diesel engines were produced and sold. From January to April, the production and sales volume of more than 80000 diesel engines once again ranked first in the industry. Among the diesel engine manufacturers with independent accounting, the production and sales volume ranks first in the field of heavy and medium-sized commercial vehicles in the world. At present, Yuchai's future development goal is very clear: strive to enter the top four in the international internal combustion engine industry in 2008

the second foundry reduces the number of imported castings

the second foundry is a flexible production line with high degree of automation and filling important technical gaps, and has the domestic first-class level. The project cost 200million yuan. The feasibility study was completed in 2001 and the ground was broken in september2002. Most of the equipment is imported from Germany, which can not only produce the body and cylinder head of all Yuchai current models (including 6L and 6m models whose emissions meet Euro II and Euro III standards), but also produce thin-walled, high-strength castings with complex internal cavity geometry required by the world. The trouser legs formed by its incision are clamped in the upper and lower clamps of the experimental machine, which will increase the casting production capacity of Yuchai from 10000 to 250000

heavy machine workshop opens up profit space

the completion of the heavy machine workshop provides a strong guarantee for Yuchai to build China's first heavy machine. The project is a flexible production line with an investment of 350million yuan. The processing center and cleaning machine are imported from Germany, and the measurement system is imported from Italy. It has the advantages of high standards and leading technology. It mainly produces cylinder block and cylinder head, with an annual output of 30000 sets. It is reported that the market demand for heavy-duty diesel engines has increased rapidly in recent years, while the domestic production capacity is small, and the profit margin is much larger than Yuchai's current leading product medium-sized diesel engines. After the project is put into operation, it will be an important profit growth point for Yuchai

Yuchai building improves its corporate image

since the construction of Yuchai building broke ground, the goal of China's graphene industry is to form a 10 billion industry range, which has witnessed the rough and brilliant course of Yuchai from the high-speed development stage to the falling adjustment stage and the redevelopment stage. The construction history of Yuchai building is a development history of Yuchai. The building covers an area of 1870 square meters, with a total construction area of 18000 square meters. It has 28 floors and a height of 99 meters. It integrates various functions such as administrative office, product display, technical exchange, information circulation, cooperation and negotiation. Its completion not only improves the office efficiency and management level of Yuchai, but also fully demonstrates the strength and image of the enterprise

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