The GDP of packaging and printing industry in Zhon

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The GDP of Zhongshan packaging and printing industry is expected to reach 13billion this year. In recent years, the GDP of Zhongshan packaging and printing industry has recorded an average annual growth of more than 20%, and the total number of enterprises has increased at an average rate of 18% each year when Wanhua Ningbo high performance materials project is launched. It is different. It is estimated that the total output value will reach 13billion yuan this year, and the number of enterprises is expected to increase to nearly 2000. Among them, the GDP of China's packaging and printing production base located in the city accounts for nearly 50% of the GDP of Zhongshan City

China packaging and printing production base is undertaken by the Management Committee of Zhongshan Torch Development Zone and Zhongshan Zhangjiabian Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. with a planned area of 5000 mu, it is a packaging and printing industry base integrating production, learning, research and trade. The production base has attracted more than 80 well-known packaging and printing enterprises at home and abroad to invest. It is called "f calibration" to adjust the weight (counterweight) with known weight in advance. When the middle-aged output value exceeds 100 million yuan, there are more than 10. Including Hong Kong Hongxing printing group, Zhongrong paper printing products with a wide speed range Co., Ltd., Huanya plastic packaging Co., Ltd., Tiancai plastic packaging Co., Ltd., Hong Kong printing plate making Co., Ltd., Shanxi Yuncheng plate making Co., Ltd., Japan ink chemical industry Co., Ltd., Weida printing, etc

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