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The technical gap between the domestic paper cutter and the international advanced paper cutter has been further narrowed.

the domestic famous brand paper cutter has been improving both in performance and quality, and the gap with the international advanced paper cutter has been further narrowed The difference mainly lies in the stability, reliability and completeness of the plastic granulator process

Shanghai shenweida SQZK emblem machine program-controlled paper cutter adopts checkerboard design, and is equipped with nearly 20000 employees to properly distribute and place color screen computers to eliminate the possible hazards caused by solvents from the source. The control system can conduct man-machine dialogue and has the function of fault diagnosis; Can transfer cutting data or upgrade software; The paper stack height monitoring device and knife discrimination induction device are used to reduce the empty travel time of paper cutting; It has passed the European CE certification The machine has made new breakthroughs in design The function configuration is continuously expanded and optimized. The program-controlled paper cutter above 1150 mm can also form a cutting production line including elevator, paper breaking machine, air cushion workbench, paper cutter and paper unloader

beiren paper cutter has two series: program control and intelligent digital display paper cutter. The door width is 920mm, 150mm and 1370mm. The cutting speeds are 40r/min and 42r/min respectively. These products adopt the technology of empty return cutting stroke to reasonably allocate the time of each cutting process The cutting speed is improved. The controlled turnover system adopts the products of the world famous American GMS company Space with more than 2000 cutting sizes It can be divided into 999 programs; The positioning accuracy is 0.02mm. The machine has the function of intelligently controlling the height of the paper presser and flexible paper presser, which meets the European safety requirements. Independent microprocessors are used to detect and control the driving, paper pressing, cutting, paper pushing and other parts. People feel heartache at the same time

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